2021 Gratitude Sound Off

BARBARI Brand, Thoughts

Personally, if I had to summarize 2021 in just one word, it would be “aftershock”. 2020 hit many of us hard and we all experienced loss on some level. Loss of a job, loss of family and friends, loss of homes, loss of social interactions, loss of control (or our illusion of it), loss of self, or who we thought we were. Those shockwaves of grief and adaptation continue to be felt long afterwards. After great destruction comes new growth and opportunities, but that takes time, huneey. Although it might not feel like that all the time, 2021 gave us the space to dig deep foundations of resilience. Although 2020 is long gone, and now 2021 is at its end, we’re still learning how to adapt and exist in this new world. Learning comes from trial and error. It can be bumpy, even painful at times. Yet during those bumpy times, we turn to gratitude to fill our emotional cups. I invite you to do the same. This year, I encourage you to ask yourself and others what has brought joy this year – what moments, big or small, have filled your cup with gratitude?

Here is what the Barbari team is grateful for this year:

“Becoming a mother and learning so much about myself in the process. I feel completely transformed and even more connected to the energy of the universe. It sounds so cheesy but having a baby really hit me hard, in the best way possible!” – Valarie, Cofounder

“Feeling blessed to have so many new babies drop into my life this year. Being an auntie is my favorite of all my titles, and making my 5 month old nephew laugh was by far my best accomplishment and greatest joy of the year.” – Meryl, Cofounder 

“I’m grateful for good health and community this year. 2021 was a true growth year for me and it certainly was harder than the last. When I reflect on what I’m grateful for, strong relationships, engaging conversations, and herbaceous weed combined to form the connective glue to my gratitude!” – Geraldine, Sales

“Grooving next to (masked and vaxed) strangers at a LIVE concert again! I didn’t realize how much live music makes me feel like myself until I went to my first concert this fall in a year and half. I’m back, baby!” – Molly, Email/Design

“Besides feeling grateful for family & friends (which always comes first for me), I am grateful for the unconditional love and innate sweetness that animals possess. There’s nothing like cuddling with my cat Miso.” – Ellie, Design

“My best friend, my family, my roommate, ALL my friends. I’m surrounded by the best people and the best people only, and feel supported and loved from all angles. I’m also grateful for the time. Everything can be worked through and solved with patience. All things will change, get better, and reshape themselves if you just let time do its thing.” – Bianca, Marketing

“After a very tumultuous 2020 and a few major changes / struggles this past year, the unrelenting support I’ve gotten from family, friends, clients, physicians, music, strangers…” – Elsi, Sales

“Healing and progress in self development.” – Jenn, Production