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Fact: 2021 came with its highs and lows. Britney is free, Simone and Naomi were our mental health MVPs, and many of us are still reeling and dealing with the chaos of 2020. Also fact: This year is coming to an end! And whether you spent the majority of the year fighting, laughing, crying, or winning, it’s time to celebrate the end of this chapter. And in true BARBARI fashion, we are leaving this year with a BANG. Let’s combine tears of joy and struggle and let it all out on the dance floor. This month’s playlist combined some of the best bops of the year (and some from previous years) that gave us a rush of endorphins when times were tough. We were always able to rely on these tunes to make us get on our feet and whine our hips. At the end of 2021, BLAST this playlist in your apartment and dance away every bit of stress that this year may have brought onto you.