How To Microdose Around Your Family During the Holidays

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It’s the most wonderful, but arguably also the most stressful time of year. Families are coming together from all over the world and while you might be excited to see your cousin again, you could do without the judgemental uncle. We get it! And there’s no shame about it. We are all just people after all, and we cannot expect to get along 24-7. It does, however, mean there’s a chance of heightened anxiety and stress, followed by a hefty emotional crash predicted on the forecast. Lucky for us, we know how to lean on a little helper that goes by the name Canna. That being said, you might have family members that are loud anti-cannabis proponents, and to be honest you can’t be arsed to argue with them for the fourth consecutive year about the benefits and the racist history of how cannabis became illegal in the first place. No, you’re just looking to get a mild high, just enough to calm your nerves but modest enough that no one will notice. We’re here to give you a little helping hand in achieving just that.

Step 1. Mix Your Weed with Other Herbs

And we recommend choosing herbs specifically intended to bring you peace. That’s mullein, lavender, and rose. Roll up a spliff with a 40/60 weed to herb ratio and sneak out to your favorite smoking spot for a ritualistic smoke sesh. It’ll be just enough weed to take the edge off and the remaining herbs will bring your anxious feelings to a still.

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Step 2. Pick a Strain That You’re Comfortable With

It’s no secret that different strains of cannabis can yield different results. Let’s stay away from the invigorating strains, the romantic strains (awkward) and opt for the restful strains that have a nice balance of CBD to THC in them. Such strains include Pennywise, Alpha Blue, and Blueberry Strain.

Step 3. Prepare a Cannabis Tea

Family members tend to stay for HOURS, and it’s likely that the effects of the cannabis mixture will wear off while they’re still there. It’s good to prepare a cannabis tea mixture ahead of time in this case. Make sure you brew this BEFORE everyone arrives and hide it in your room so that no one will ask for a cup. In between the dinner and the desert course, run up for a quick bathroom break and get a good few sips of this magical tea in.

There are two ways you can create the holy cannabis tea.

  1. Brew cannabis flower directly, and mix in some additional herbs for added flavor. Learn how to brew your own cannabis tea HERE with your favorite strain into your favorite teapot (but maybe avoid using grandma’s vintage pot, too risky). Pour yourself a thermos top yourself off whenever dinner time convo gets a little too hot.  
  2. Add a few droplets of cannabis tincture into your tea. This way you can avoid standing around the kitchen mixing up what in your family’s eyes is considered a witch’s brew. Boil some water, throw in your favorite tea bag, and add a few drops of  THC tincture. You can create your own THC infusions using Levo Oil’s LEVO II machine (also great for just about any THC infusion, like making gummies, butters, and more).

Step 4. Pop in a quick Edible

We’re including this recommendation as the last option for a quite obvious reason. Edibles can sneak up on you like that backhanded derogatory comment from Aunt Cathy. So unless you are familiar with edibles and the right dosages that work for YOUR body, keep this route as a lost option. Otherwise, mixing in a small dosage of THC in your holiday baking can save you the stress of dealing with unwanted comments from your family members. 

So there you have it! We hope above all you enjoy the holiday season, and remember that cannabis has always got your back 😉