Cannabis Gifts to bring to a COVID-safe holiday party

BARBARI Gift Guides

Happy Holidays, ya’ll! It’s that time of the year where we gather, FINALLY, again. While our meetups were practically non-existent or kept on the down-low last year, more and more of us are enjoying getting back together for the festivities again. That being said, we’re staying on the cautious side to remain safe, socially-distanced, and thoroughly sanitized. 

As we gather for the holidays, we don’t blame you if you’re feeling a little rusty in the gifting department. What do you bring to a host who has probably spent the past year preparing and buying everything online? We’re here to make life a bit easier for you by presenting the top holiday gifts to bring to a covid-safe dinner party – cannabis edition.

Variety Pack and Bun Pin Bundle

Here’s a little something for everyone at the party – a 5 pack of CBD prerolls with a spliff holder for germ and touch-free smoking. There are four different flavors (aka moods) in the pack, so there’s something for every personality. Accessorize with the Bun Pin spliff holder to be THAT stylish smoker at the party.


Potli Shrimp Chips

What’s a party without some chips? Not just any chips, cannabis infused shrimp chips! A common favorite chip flavor across Asian countries but with a touch of cannabis. While finishing a whole bag on your own is highly advised against, sharing a pack at a party would make a great little social party favor.


Holiday Greetings Bundle

A sweet little holiday bundle is the Grtr Goods Chocolate and Herbal Bouquet combo. Roll some herbs with hemp flower (add some cannabis flower if you so please), and enjoy a mild high with some friends. For those who prefer edibles, the Grtr Goods Cannabis infused chocolates will satisfy the holiday sweet tooth!


A Drink Cann 24 Pack

Bringing a bottle of wine or 6pack of beer to a party is way overdone. While I’m sure the host(ess) would appreciate the additional booze, have you ever considered bringing a pack of drinkable cannabis to the party? Well, now you have. Drink Cann provides cannabis in a can, making consuming weed much more socially acceptable for those who are not used to smoking.


Herb Essntls Candle

Candles are always a good idea during the holiday season. But in true weed fashion, this one is infused with cannabis. Will it get you high? Most likely not, but it will invite a bit of that earthy sweet aroma into the room. Light up the room and the mood with this thoughtful gift.