Gifts for Your Person – Him, Her, Them, You

BARBARI Gift Guides

We all have someone special in our lives, be it a lover or two, partner, or yourself. Well, you’ve come to the right place to start your gift search. Whether you’re looking for experiences or physical items, we’ve gathered an array of gifts that are sure to put a smile on your person. And by “your person”, we also mean YOU. Self love is STRONG this season and you absolutely deserve to treat yourself. I am my own biggest fan and you can bet that I’ll be indulging in some of these gifts myself, so I invite you to do the same. Without further ado, below are the top gifts for this holiday season starting with the “For You” section because you always come first 😎.

For You:

Sugar Bunny Dual Vibe

It wouldn’t be a self-love gift roundup without a good vibrator. This bunny vibrator has up to 10 motor speeds and comes with a gentle curve. Light up some candles, wear your favorite lingerie and enjoy yourself!


Lingerie from SavageXFenty

Let’s take a page from Rihanna’s book and all just smoke a little weed, put on some music, and strut around in sexy lingerie in front of the mirror. We love SavageXFenty not just because our weed godmother Rihanna is behind it, but because they are so damn comfy! Play your favorite music and indulge in a little dance show with your reflection. Guaranteed to make you feel infinitely more powerful!


Muse CBD 5 Packs

Light up a Muse CBD spliff and allow yourself to become your own inspiration. With peppermint freshness, inhale a new perspective and exhale away the stress. This is the perfect self-love gift for those wanting to fan away the seasonal foggy brain. Gift yourself a clear and productive mindset, my friend.


Flowers on Fire Bundle

There has, in fact, never been a better duo than a good glass pipe and some herbs to burn. That’s why we partnered up with Laundryday and matched it with our best selling Trio Pack to create this Flower on Fire bundle. For a limited time only get this match made in heaven bundle for a discounted price!


For Him / Her / Them

Find Your Essential CBD Bath Bombs

Give the gift of pure relaxation with this CBD bath bomb. To be enjoyed solo or together in the bath, this bad boy will help end the night on a soothing note.


Smokin’ Bundle

This set comes with two of any BARBARI’s signature CBD 2 packs. Combine two of your favorite flavors (or your person’s favorite flavors) to create the smokin’ bundle and have four spliffs to share amongst each other.


A Subscription to Broccoli Mag

Got a canna enthusiast for a partner? Lucky you. Knowledge is the best gift, don’t you think? Subscribe your partner to Broccoli Mag’s cannabis magazine so they can stay up to date on all things plant powers.


BARBARI’s Mini Trio Pack

A gift to enjoy together, the Mini Trio Pack brings flavors and experiences catered to each individual person. Muse for the inspired, Car Sex to get frisky, and Airplane Mode to wind down.


Kiskanu CBD Intimacy Oil

Perfect for lubrication and increasing stimulation, this hemp infused intimacy oil is about to take your bedroom game to the next level. Not to mention, it doubles as a massage oil! Founder tested and approved 😉