Gifts for The Person That Deserves GOOD SLEEP

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“Baby I was born tired” is probably the most relatable lyric of the 21st century. Thanks, Jhene! Maybe we all need to take a few notes from the bears and chipmunks and just hibernate through the winter? While that would be the most dreamy situation, we’re sure you can’t magically dip out of life’s many duties, especially during the holiday season. 

Sleep and a good night’s sleep is one of the best gifts you can give. We’re talking deep REM sleep, no dreams, wake up without an alarm feeling like you’ve got a full tank of gas. It might be rare, but it can be achieved. If you know of someone who deeply deserves some good SLEEP, then the following gifts are for them.

Xula’s Light Out Oil

Let us just say something…if you take 1ml of this, you WILL feel something. It’s not for better focus, it’s not for calming down, it’s for drifting off into deep sleep and staying asleep through the night. This isn’t your average CBD droplet. It’s got 500 mg of CBD and 75 mg of CBN, as well as passion flower, kava root, catnip, and an abundance of other beloved herbs formulated for a good night’s sleep. It’s going to ensure you a smooth transition from awake to asleep.


Omura Starter Pack

Need a hit of calming herbs and CBD before bed but don’t want to step outside? Then the Omura starter pack is the right gift. Heat, not burn, your herbs for minimal to none vapor. This starter kit comes with a pack of our signature calming blend of lavender, 12.5mg of CBD, sage, and rose.


Holiday Zen Bundle

By combining our signature Airplane Mode 5 pack and the Self Centered hibiscus & chamomile tea, we’ve created the ultimate zen bundle intended to drift you into a calm and mindful meditative state.  Smoke and sip these CBD goodies right before sleep.


Rosebud’s CBD Sleep Kit

In this gorgeous little kit you will find an eye mask, 1 bottle of extra strength CBD oil, and 1 jar of our very own Airplane Mode blend. If you (or the person receiving this gift) prefers a bit of a ritual before bed, then this kit is for them. Smoke an herbal joint of lavender, blue lotus, sage, and raspberry leaf, before consuming a few drops of the CBD oil. Throw on the eye mask and drift off into a deep state of sleep.