Herbs to Burn for Manifestation

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This time of year has got everyone tapping into their inner witch, and while you might not be casting spells or conjuring hocus pocus, you probably ARE sensing the shift in universal energy. There is a sense of magic in the changing seasons, the leaves browning, and the temperatures dropping. What are the goals you’re manifesting this new season – situational, financial, spiritual? What is in your control and what do you call upon the universe when in need? It’s time to move the direction of your energy into the path you wish to go. For that, we’re tapping into earth’s plant powers for some help. Keep reading as we dive into the top Herbs to Burn for Manifestations.


A favorite amongst herb burners, sage is commonly smudged to cleanse the space and spirit. It originates from traditional Native American practice, and is believed to neutralize the air from negative ions. Burning sage is associated with a sense of healing, making it the perfect herb to burn during a manifestation ritual. Let go of all the negativities from the past, near or far. Heal from the hurt it caused and create space for the next few chapters.

*Disclaimer: Sage is a sacred herb typically protected on native lands. If you choose to burn sage, be sure it’s ethically sourced. Barbari sage is organically grown and does not disrupt wild ecosystems.

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Lion’s Tail

The Lion’s tail herb can produce a mild euphoric high when smoked. As part of the manifestation ritual, allow this herb to invite happiness to come for the remainder of the year. Say aloud the positive changes you wish to manifest into your life. Imagine yourself being at your most joyous. Who (if anyone) is next to you, around you, and how do you wish to feel when you’re alone? Speak, write, and meditate on these thoughts as you burn Lion’s Tail. 

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Rose, as many know, is the plant of love. Everything from its scent and shape represent romance. Release its magic by burning it during your manifestation ritual as you think about the kind of love you wish to bring into your life. Is it self love? Love from a partner? Love from friends? Family? Really envision the exact situation you want to be in and let the rose enchant you.  

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Peppermint is necessary to refresh your mindset. You’re shedding old thought patterns and entering new ones. Burning peppermint can cleanse your mind and make your soul feel like it’s taken a long overdue shower. Take this moment just to clear up clutter and create space for this new chapter in your life.

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Burning rosemary helps improve focus, something that’s vital in a manifestation ritual. What visions are you focusing on? Manifesting requires you to know exactly what it is that you want. Concentrate on those thoughts. Clear up your vision and hone in on that goal. It’s with this eyes-forward mindset that the universe around you will begin to shift to support you on your path.