Best Healthy Coffee Alternatives

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Oh coffee, the reason many of us get up and get going with our day. Whatever city you live in, from New York to Tokyo to any small town in the Italian mountains, you can be sure its citizens are relying on the fuel provided by the magical beans we call coffee. We crave that burst of energy it provides us in the morning or whenever we’re in need of a pick me up.

That being said, everybody is different and for some, caffeine is simply a macro-dose of not gonna happen. Others simply need a pick-me-up to get through the last hour of work, but don’t want to end up wide-eyed later in bed. Isn’t there anything that feels like coffee but is a few notches milder in effect? Perhaps you have hot-beverage syndrome (I may or may not have made that up) and in constant need of warming your hands with a hot beverage for comfort. Coffee alternatives are abundant, believe it or not. We’ve listed out some great alternatives by desired effect in a brief listicle below.

Adaptogenic Teas

WTF are Adaptogens? You ask? In our last blog, we answered just that. To give you a quick run down, adaptogens are whole plants that balance out your stress hormones. Basically they make you feel calm and collected AF. Drinking adaptogenic teas can keep you focused and centered as you check off your to do list or snuggle in for a movie.

Try it here:

Wake Up Call Muddy Chai

Add a dash of milk for a perfect fall muddy chai latte

Self Centered Hibiscus Tea

Antioxidant and Adaptogen rich fruity tea

Bright Idea Green Tea

Lemony twist to your favorite green tea

Turmeric Lattes

Turmeric lattes have become a coffee house favorite, and for good reason! Dating back hundreds of years in traditional Indian cuisine, turmeric boasts a plethora of benefits to the human body. Its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties can really get the body going again when off-balanced.

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Matcha Tea

Matcha has taken the western world by storm in the last decade, but has been a staple Japanese beverage for over centuries. With a little bit of caffeine and a lot of antioxidants, this soothing drink makes for a perfect coffee alternative. Drink as is or mix it with some milk to create a matcha latte, and you’ve got both a healthy and tasty hot beverage to enjoy over your work hours.

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