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Good morning, Barbari fam! Meryl here, Barbari cofounder and aspiring professional playlister at your service. Creating playlists is one of my favorite hobbies, so I’m especially grateful for the opportunity to share this Wake-Up Call mix with you all. Not only is Wake-Up Call my favorite of the Barbari Infused tea’s, especially as we slide into the cozy season, but this playlist comes with a ritual – a morning routine to not only gently awaken your senses but create a space to set an intention for your day ahead and leave you feeling energized and ready to do the damn thing.

I’m often asked what an “average” day looks like as the CEO of Barbari. Candidly, the days are never the same, often with surprises flying at us faster than a fry cook slinging pancakes on Sunday morning. When there are so few things we can actually control in our days, I find strength and comfort in starting my day anchoring in the small moments that I can control. 

Mentally, I am at my healthiest when my mornings are rooted in a routine.

When I can ground myself in the things I have real ownership over; my breath, my senses, a familiar rhythm of consistency, I’m better able to weather whatever comes with the day.

Meryl’s Wake Up Routine: 

Below is the framework for my morning routine. The mix starts with a five-minute binaural soundscape to begin your day with a musically timed meditation. Once your kettle is ready, steep your Wake Up Call tea, press play on the playlist, and begin your great day.

  • Steep: While your tea steeps, sit in a comfortable position with your back straight, supported by pillows or blankets that give you a feeling of safety and comfort if you’d like. 
  • Song 1: For the first 5 minutes and 30 seconds of this mix, sit quietly, and if you’re comfortable doing so, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Don’t worry about counting your breaths. Just sit and notice your own natural rhythms. Pay attention to the breath entering your body, where it goes in your body, the feeling of your sweet morning breath as you exhale. Your mind may wander, and that’s OK. Acknowledge your wandering mind like your a teacher doing roll call, and then gently bring your focus back to your breath. 
  • Song 2: When you notice the song change, begin to wiggle your fingers and toes. Song number two is to bring you fully into your body. Your unique, incredible body is truly one of a kind, so wake it up with gentle love and tenderness as you would wake a sleeping child. Begin to roll your head in slow, soft circles in one direction and then the other. Find the achy and sore spots, and give those places on your body attention with a gentle stretch. Begin to find soft movements. Your tea is ready to enjoy at this point, so fix it to your liking. Personally, I like a little honey and cream, but you do you Boo Boo. 
  • Song 3: As you sit with your tea, open your eyes and notice the space around you. This is when I like to set my intentions for the day. What do I want to focus on today? Perhaps it’s being mindful to practice active listening? Maybe it’s speaking with clear intention and confidence? Maybe it’s simply being observant of the day and paying attention to what feelings come up? Sometimes I write these intentions down. Other times I simply note them in my mind. I do recommend putting pen to paper to help keep your intentions top of mind, but I’m human and don’t always do what is best for me. 

The rest of the playlist is for you to get physically and mentally ready for the day ahead. Whatever you like to add to your morning routine, make it solely for you: journaling, exercise, stretching, dancing. My only recommendation is to create something that is sustainable, meaning you can sustain the space and energy to do this every morning for at least a season, commit to yourself to remain consistent, and give yourself grace as you figure out what works best for your best mornings. So as the great Dolly Parton says in the final song of the mix, “pour yourself a cup of ambition” and have a beautiful day, fam. 

With Love,