How to Smoke Weed Without Getting Too High

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For those of you looking to get a little high on but you’re, say, in the middle of a workday and don’t want to be skyrocketing out the roof, we’ve got your how-to guide to microdosing. You can, in fact, control your high. Whatever the reason may be, sometimes you just want a tiny bit of THC to build your buzz.

Now everyone’s got a different tolerance level when it comes to cannabis, so read this next part through the lens of your own personal experience. If you’re looking to smoke a joint and still function through the day, then the answer is simple: mix your weed with other smokable herbs. We’re not just talking about tobacco. There are plenty of other botanicals provided by mother nature that have been used for centuries as plant medicine.


We recommend that you try experimenting with your herb to weed ratios in order to find that optimal balance for your own body. Here at BARBARI, we love mixing 2/3 botanicals, 1/3 cannabis combination. We call it: “Microdosing for Productivity. We highly suggest giving it a try!

Weed + Aphrodisiac Herbs

Looking to spice things up a little? Then aphrodisiac herbs are what you are looking for. Aphrodisiacs are any type of consumables that stimulate pleasure or sexual desire. Some of these herbs include rose, passion flower, and blue lotus. Check out this blog post for the best aphrodisiac-to-cannabis strain pairings based on your desired sexual experience!

Weed + Relaxation Herbs

Are you just trying to calm a bit of anxiety jitters? Your usual go-to plant is cannabis, but a whole joint can be a little too much. To avoid paranoia when smoking, then we recommend adding dashes of lavender or chamomile to your flower. These herbs are best known for their calming powers, and taste absolutely amazing when rolled with your capital W plant.

Weed + Body Recovery Herbs

Cannabis is a great way to reduce any kind of crampings in the body. It’s widely known that weed can help relieve mild pains, that’s why it’s a favorite amongst those who suffer from intense menstrual cramps. Perhaps you just want a microdose of pain relief, but a microdose of weed? Then we recommend any of these botanicals. You want to mix your weed with the smokable herbs that target inflammation, nausea, and swellings. 

We hope this blog helped answer some of your questions! Microdosing weed is a great way to benefit from the magical plant whilst remaining productive, relieving cramps, or easing that stress. If you’re new to mix and matching your herbs, here’s a handy dandy guide on how to roll a 50/50 herbal spliff (but again, feel free to do 20/80 or 40/60, the world is your oyster!).


Please, this is NOT a sign to go pluck some of your garden lavender and roll it up in a spliff. Make sure to source your herbs from ethically produced companies. Know where your herbs are coming from before inhaling them! If you don’t know where to start, we have a line of smokable botanics made specifically for smoking, steeping, and drinking.

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