WTF are Adaptogens

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If you’re curious about using CBD + adaptogens, here’s how to get the most from whole plant medicine

Adaptogens are whole plants, which research has shown to balance out your stress response; meaning, it not only calms you down when you’re going on overdrive, but it also lifts you up when you’re crashing from exhaustion. In other words, they help you “adapt” to find balance – to lift your lows and level your highs to keep you balanced and calm throughout the day. Adaptogens are a plant-based way to help the body regulate.

Is CBD an Adaptogen?

An adaptogen, as defined by oxford dictionary, is a natural substance considered to help reduce stress. “Wait a minute” you might say… “That’s basically CBD!”. Ah, indeed! One might think so, but we’re here to inform you that due to CBD (cannabidiol) being a molecule rather than a whole plant, it can’t be classified as an adaptogen in the same way that ashwagandha or schisandra are. Now, an argument could be made that cannabis as a whole plant is an adaptogen as it can trigger your endocannabinoid into action. However, given cannabis is in a federal gray area, cannabis isn’t quite able to take center stage as a full-fledged adaptogen.

Do Adaptogens Help With Stress?

Think of adaptogens as a protective shield against your stress hormones from being activated. It doesn’t just help you cope with stress, it may even block it from ever occurring. It can increase attention and endurance to fatigue. So when you’re busy at your desk, sipping on a blend of adaptogenic teas can keep you feeling regulated and at ease with the todo list in front of you.

What Adaptogens Should I Take?

Below are a few of our favorites that are understood to have adaptogenic properties and their targeted effects:


Good for: Calming


Good for: Calming


Good for: Energy


Good for: Energy


Good for: Cognition/Focus


Good for: Sleep


Good for: Mood Booster

When it comes to the world of plants, nature really outdid itself with the sheer amount of benefits they provide to the human mind and body. Read our profile on the benefits of aphrodisiacs, or how cannabidiols work against stress if this article tickled your senses. And if you have any specific herbal questions, you can always hit us up directly on Instagram!