BARBARI Fine Tunes, Playlists, Thoughts

There is a certain time in the day, somewhere between 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM where the mind, body, and soul are at their peak. Not still tired from the night’s sleep, and right before the afternoon slump. The first wave of to-do’s have been completed and you feel organized and settled. It’s in this hour, where the mind is clear and abundant with ideas. I always wish I could bottle this mindstate and drink it when I’m in need. Well, that’s what the Bright Idea Green Tea feels like. Come 4 PM and my fingers don’t want to type anymore and my eyes keep darting to the tempting phone screen, I get up, turn on the kettle, and brew a cup of brilliance. 

This playlist was curated to be the soundscape for your brilliance – flow from one thought to the next with each song’s gentle transition. We start off a little more energetic to match the dose of caffeine, and end with a mellow atmospheric few pieces guided by the gentle dose of full-spectrum hemp. Let the tea’s adaptogenic glory help explore your mind’s galaxy with just the right levels of energy.