BARBARI’s Guide to National Relaxation Day

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August 15th is National Relaxation Day, and as professional tranquility seekers, we’re sharing the ways the BABs team likes to wind down and incorporate peace into our daily lives. To relax is to sign off from the world’s requests and focus on refilling your own cup. To relax is to put yourself first and surrender to those pleasure seeking senses. Turn your phone off. Close the door. Listen to the birds. Exhale. 

Are you calm now?



Meryl’s Happy Place 

I’m a Pisces to a tee, and I am most relaxed when I am immersed in water. The sounds and stresses of land are replaced by the rhythms of my breath and lapping water. I find peace in feeling weightless. As I float my thoughts clear, and in those gentle moments my mind and spirit become synchronized with my body. Whenever I get a chance, I find a body of water where I can roll up a solo spliff and clear my head. Muse Herbal Blend is my go-to. I slip in and out of bad bouts of depression, and a foggy brain is a common symptom. For me, the bright and minty flavor of Muse focuses my fuzzy thoughts, and provides the instant relief that comes with a sharp mind. 

Valarie Gets Dirty

Sometimes I joke that I love seeing weeds in my garden because it gives me a reason to go outside and dig my hands in the dirt. While I love living in close proximity to the hustle and bustle of a city, I am truly relaxed in my backyard garden where I can create my own little oasis to share with the pollinators and critters. My perfect day of relaxation starts with a cup of tea and a hand rolled herbal spliff (usually our Car Sex) mixed with a creative/uplifting strain like Lodi Dodi or, my most recent discovery, Flora d’Explora. Then a few morning hours in the garden with no specific agenda other than to find an excuse to plant more seeds or find something to harvest. In the warmer months, I can often be found in the garden well past sunset, when the moon is the only illumination and the frogs and snails are starting to emerge. The complete disconnect gardening provides from the rhythms of daily life allows my mind to wander unrestricted by the boundaries of any agenda or todo list. 

Bianca on Do-Not-Disturb

My happiest place exists in my own mind. She always comes first, she’s always my priority. Sundays are my dedicated stay-at-home days where I make no plans to see friends, carry my body around the city, or even talk on the phone. I make myself a ritualistic cup of Dirty Chai, and crawl back onto bed with my three favorite journals. Each notebook serves a separate purpose – one receives my thoughts and emotions of the week, one listens to my big goals and dreams, and one keeps me in check with dates, timelines, and strategies. In my own little morning haven, I let every word and emotion residing in my noggin have its sweet release. This is how I relationship-build with myself. I listen to my body, I acknowledge its cries, and say my thank you’s for keeping me going. In return, she stills, bringing the tsunamis and the earthquakes of my thoughts back to a calm, peaceful lie-down under the trees.

Tools to Ready, Set, Relax: