Traveling with THC

BARBARI How-tos, Thoughts

Looking for tips on how to travel with weed? The most important things to remember when traveling with weed is to mind the TSA Ps & Qs and to camouflage your stash. Here’s a few tested methods that I’ve had success with.

FINE TUNES: Self Centered

BARBARI Fine Tunes, Playlists, Thoughts

Inspired by the crimson infusion, we curated a playlist to help transition your being from stimulated to centered. Introspective and rhythmic, like the blood that surges through our veins, turn to this curated playlist and draw the flow of energy inward.

August Tarotscopes: Elements

BARBARI Mindfulness, Tarot, Thoughts

Maybe what we need to look at this month is how we can find new (or updated) ways of achieving joy and pleasure for ourselves. I went into my reading all bright eyed and bushy tailed, and damn did my cards have a thing or two to say. I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I enjoy interpreting and transcribing these messages.