Balancing Form With Function

BARBARI Brand, Thoughts

Meet the Newest BARBARI member: The Balance Bun Pin. More often than not, we’ve been feeling the chaos of it all pull us in every direction. Craving calm, we’re constantly seeking ways to center ourselves. The dance we do each day to manage work, family, social life, physical and mental health, growth, intro-spection, social and environmental consciousness, pay our bills…the list goes on and on. Our newest product promises no solution to any of these daily dances with chaos; but is rather our tribute to the art and effort put into our quest for balance. We’ve added a little BARBARI flare to our latest smoking embellishments; not just a spliff holder, but a hair pin as well. With all we have going on each day, we celebrate the satisfaction that comes from dual functionality. This pin is the perfect tool for holding your hair, and head, high as you move through the day. We’ve paired it with feeling like the star of your own shampoo commercial when you shake those luscious locks loose to light up a well-earned spliff held by an embellishment as unique, tasteful, and slightly bizarre as you. A balanced approach to functional and funky smoking accessories that we think is just the right amount of extra for any smoking (or hair) moment.  

What brings us even more joy is that we’ve teamed up with our friends and neighbor, The High Society Collection to customize this spliff holder just for you. Together, we’re entirely women-owned, and made locally in Portland, Oregon. We couldn’t make you a spliff pin without giving you some tasty savings on our spliffs, so we’ve bundled the Balanced Bun Pin with our Variety Pack to give you a little something extra. 

Make sure to bundle with any of our spliffs, and tag us on instagram as you post up with the spliff pins!