July Tarotscopes: Elements

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As I was shuffling my deck, I asked the cards for some things to consider this month. Out came the 4 of Pentacles, 2 of Swords, and Page of Cups. Are you holding onto things you know you need to let go of? Be it physical, emotional, or spiritual? Don’t be so rigid and closed off from the world. You’ve been focusing too much on the material or tactical, maybe even both. Allow yourself to be a bit more flexible and express gratitude for all that you have. With rigidity being a common theme, the Page of Cups invites you to stay open and approach the world with wonder. Just look at how they look at that lil’ fish in their cup! The Page also encourages you to be a bit more forthcoming with expressing your feelings, and letting those close to you witness your tenderness. Venus and Mars are in Leo, and it’s summertime… Safely spend time with those in your germ pod or fully-vaccinated friends. Lastly, the Page of Cups brings good news, optimism, and internal growth. Cancer season wants us to emotionally grow…sorry! I don’t make the rules, the crab does.

The Deck

For these tarot messages, I used the Neo Tarot deck. Illustrated by Daiana Ruiz, its accompanying book was written by Jerico Mandybur. Daiana Ruiz is a visual artist and illustrator based out of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Jerico Mandybur is a tarot reader, spiritual coach, and bestselling author. Neo Tarot fuzes illustrations of androgynous humans with card interpretations, affirmations, and self-care tips corresponding to their respective cards.

The Spread

For this month’s tarot forecast, I’m pulling one card for each element: Earth, Air, Water, and Fire. Read the element that corresponds to your sun sign and rising sign if you feel called to. Below is the element that corresponds to your sun sign. To find out your natal chart information, CafeAstrology has a pretty comprehensive beginner’s chart interpretation. 

Air: Libra, Aquarius, Gemini

Earth: Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus

Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces


The Elements

Earth 🜃

4 of Cups & Ace of Wands

The Ace of Wands signals a new, exciting creative time. If you’re looking to open up channels of creativity, or even find different sources for them, the 4 of Cups recommends  pause and reflection. As you sit back and reflect, which feelings can you process and let go of to expand your capacity? The bigger your capacity, the easier your creativity will flow. Taking this time to sit back will help you gather and protect your energy for the work you set off to do. The Ace of Wands wants you to act on  inspiration. The spark from this wand can also illuminate new ways of self-expression and transformative opportunities. Making space for this energy is so much easier after doing the work of the 4 of Cups. Stepping into this period requires you to be ready and alert–same goes for your spirit.

Air 🜁

Queen of Wands & 4 of Swords

This month marks a period of recognizing and stepping into your power–of building up your charisma, passion, and optimism. Space for peaceful retreat is the message of the 4 of Swords. If you haven’t been feeling like this lately, the message of the 4 of Swords is that much more pertinent. How can you adjust your schedule so that rest is at the top of your list? Doing so makes it easier for our minds to flow more freely, and to imagine better for ourselves. Your dreams, meditations, or day-dreams may give you valuable insights. Both these cards point to a need to balance being out in the world with rest. The Queen also points to a fortuitous time in your work, whether through creativity or accomplishments. See why I keep saying rest is so crucial this month? You’re getting everything you’re going for, make sure your body and spirit are ready for it.

Fire 🜂

The World & 5 of Pentacles

Don’t cry cuz it’s over, take a moment to appreciate all you’ve learned and accomplished thus far. The World highlights the end of a cycle or journey, a foray into your next stage of growth. A time to celebrate how far you’ve come and contemplate where you’ll go next. Whatever scarcity you’re currently feeling, especially if it’s related to work or home life, will end. The World signals a spiritual transformation, growth, an upgrade. You’re moving into a new cycle of being and relating to the world. If you’ve been feeling lost or displaced, like the people on the 5 of Pentacles, reach out to a trusted friend to give you perspective on your growth. Stepping into this next phase of life requires your full attention, vibrance, and commitment. Know that this time of strife is over. Do what you need to shake those feelings to usher in the hope and renewal the World offers.

Water 🜄

The Hierophant & 4 of Wands

The Hierophant and 4 of Wands place a big emphasis on your home life and stability. If you haven’t celebrated your efforts at cultivating a home and stability yet, please do so! Maybe you’re repurposing traditions to fit your life better. Perhaps you’re stepping down from a position or role of authority to enjoy life and  cultivate a new home. This along with spiritual development is a key component of the Hierophant, especially as it relates to expanding your spiritual knowledge. Perhaps you’re stepping into a leadership/educator role or finding a new space to continue your spiritual practice. Partnerships are highlighted by these two cards as well. Look at those who you’re committed to and vice-versa. There may be a moment this month where you recommit to them or maybe it’s just yourself. Either way, the stability is in the cards babe. Enjoy it.

leo ariel is a nonbinary Caribbean bruja whose interpretations come from a trauma-informed, queer, anticapitalist, non-Eurocentric perspective, weaving in astrology and numerology. Their work aims to heal the effects of oppressive, hegemonic systems and their energies, all while uplifting and empowering those who are most marginalized in our communities.⁠