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We greet summer 2021 with a shared sense of release. A time when the world was starting to re-open in a more meaningful way for us humans—a beautiful alignment with the cicada broods making their once-in-a-decade emergence from the underground to mate in the trees and open air. This summer I’ve found myself even more appreciative of the natural systems that have continued to churn while we’ve been hibernating for the long, long “Winter”. Post vaccination, stepping back into the social world feels so much more intimate and exhilarating. 

This playlist is a celebration of summer: a sultry seduction of the birds and the bees, the sun and the water. Let yourself emerge with joy from this extended hibernation. Feel the foreplay of the earth between your toes, dance with the mosquitos and savor the berries straight from the vine. Find someone’s skin to graze and then jump into the sea and embrace the immersion into a whole new world. As you emerge once again, notice the wetness drip from your skin as it reabsorbs back into the pulsing biorhythm that surrounds you. 

With love + lust, 


Barbari co-founder