How To Roll a 50/50 Herbal Spliff

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Good morning y’all, hello from the spliff rollers factory. We’re known for our aromatic and organically sourced botanical blends to grind, roll, and smoke with your strain of the moment. Our blends can be enjoyed in various other forms, such as tea, in a bath, or as incense, but this article today will focus on it’s main task: to be smoked.

Why Smoke Botanical Blends with Weed?

Let’s first get into the why’s before the how’s.  There are many reasons why a cannabis connoisseur such as yourself might indulge in a little lavender or rose in their smoke break. 

The first being that, the terpenes in different herbs provide an added effect, allowing you to customize your high. For example: Lavender (found in our Airplane Mode Blend) invites calm, cool, and collectedness, whereas Lions Tail (found in our Car Sex blend) mimics the euophia felt found in some cannabis strains. Optimizing our lives with botanicals is sorta our thing. If your interest is peaked, here are some herbs against stressful times to help get you started.

The second is that it makes your weed stash last longer. Feel like you’re constantly running out of weed when you JUST contacted your dealer last week? We get it. Mixing your spliff with some herbs will help your stash survive longer than that plant you promised to keep alive (RIP poor fiddle leaf fig). 

And lastly, sometimes you just can’t get *too* high. Maybe you’ve got a meeting, or have 20 chores to complete. You want the benefits of cannabis without flying out the roof. That’s when microdosing cannabis will keep you grounded, yet productive.

How To Roll a Botanically Blended Spliff

Now for the real reason you’re here. How to roll a herbal joint. 

What you’ll need: A grinder, rolling papers, an elongated stick (chopsticks are great), matches or a lighter, weed and botanicals of your choice.

Step 1: Take pinches of your weed and pinches of your herbal blend and place them in the grinder. Grind until the weed and herbals are well ground. You may need to use the stick to get any remaining flower out of the teeth of your grinder. 

Step 2: Fold the paper in half horizontally (think hotdog bun) to create a crease line. This will help your herbs stay in place. Prepare your paper by having the lick strip (that glossy piece of the paper) facing you and pointed up. Place the herb mixture in one pinch at a time until it’s about ¾ of the way filled. Fold the paper in half along the same crease so that you’ve enclosed the flower mixture. Gently begin rolling it, working the herbs into that crease. Your goal here is to shape the flower into a compressed ‘flower log’.  

Step 3: Once a desired shape is formed, roll up the spliff starting from the bottom and rolling up. Lick along the lick strip (not too wet) and roll your spliff all the way up. The wet lick strip will seal it to itself. 

Step 4: Using your elongated stick (or chopstick) tap in the flowers from the top to press it down.

Step 5: Now twist and close the top.

Step 6: Light up and smoke!

For a visual demonstration from the master roller herself (we’re talking about BARBARI co-founder Meryl Montgomery) please click here.