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The sun is shining and the Summer Solstice is officially here, yay! A time filled with light and celebration, this Sabbat (Pagan holiday) focuses on embracing the energy we are receiving from the sun and celebrating life!  

The Summer Solstice takes place June 20-21. During this time, the sun is at its full peak, giving us the longest day of the year and the shortest night. We are in full sun and the Earth is feeling  alive! The flowers are blooming  and the birds are chirping. When you step outside, you can hear the hustling and bustling of life during this season.  

Summer Solstice is about celebrating all the gifts we have been given by the Sun/Mother Nature. Currently, we are being bathed in the energy and it is up to us to fully embrace and receive it. Embrace the fiery sun and be inspired to tap into our own fiery badass sides. We are at the climax of the Summer, so enjoy it!  

Summer Solstice Guide:

Incense + Herbs:  
Orange, Chamomile, Sage, Cedar, Frankincense, Lemon, Rose,  Lily, Lavender, Elderflower  

Yellow, Orange, Red, Fuchsia, Turquoise  

Sunflowers, Peonies, Roses, Daisies  

Citrine, Tiger’s Eye, Jasper, Clear Quartz, Amber  

Altar Tools:  
Fresh Flowers, Citrine, Crystals, Daisy Chains and Flower  Garlands, Dried Lavender Smudge Stick/Incense  

8 Litha Activities:  

Build Flower Crowns 
Bring back a piece of your childhood and build yourself a flower crown! Remember the daisy chain crowns? As an adult, you might want to incorporate some poppies or roses! Whatever melts your heart, go for it!  

Cleanse Your Crystals in the Sun  
The Sun is a powerful star and one with a strong energy. While you bathe in this energy, take your Clear Quartz and other crystals with you to bask and cleanse.  

Play in the Park  
Being outside and enjoying and appreciating mother nature’s bountiful, beautiful fruits is so important! Pack yourself a cheeky little picnic and bring it to the park. There are tons of activities you can engage in out on the field, like tossing a ball back and forth, swinging on some swings, practicing your cartwheels (but don’t pull no muscles!) – basically, let that inner child come out and play! When you’re all out of breath, sit down on your blanket, read a calming book, and maybe enjoy a spliff or two. 

Sunrise Watching 
They say the early bird gets the worm, but in this case they get the most breathtaking sunrises. This time of year is all about the sun, and after a dreary winter, soak in as much as you can! Even if that means getting up at 5am. I promise, there’s nothing more relaxing and calming than a good sunrise. What a rewarding way to start the day!

Sun Bathing 
What is a Summer Solstice without a little sun right? Don’t forget your sunscreen and take care of your outer layer, but get out there and soak up some of the powerful and healing  rays.  

Bird Feeding/Appreciation 
As Spring fades away, all the little birds come  chirping and learning to fly! Just listening to some of their calls can be so beautiful. I recommend sitting, listening and just appreciating  the birds! Bonus: If you’re somewhere you can feed them, go ahead and leave out some bread crumbs for them. 

Sun Tea 
A Summer classic, and Solstice must , is to make some Sun Tea!  And yes, it’s exactly as it sounds. Tea made in the sun. Get some tea bags and a mason jar, fill it with water and let it sit outside. un tea is delicious and just feels like the only kind of tea to have during the Summer. 

Always a fun  activity that brings you closer to yourself, dancing is a great way to welcome the new season in with. It’s a powerful tool that can  help you  align with your highest self. Not to mention, it’s something that’s been done since the beginning of time.  If you’re able to dance outside with your feet to the ground, it will help ground you and align you with Mother Nature. If you’re feeling wild (and it’s safe!), try  dancing naked under the moonlight — everyone deserves to experience that at least once.  

Bon Fires 
Fires are a big part of Summer Solstice, dancing and singing around them and celebrating the fruits of the Summer. So gather some friends and celebrate each other and the fact that we can even be together this year! 

This time of year is also about embracing what we have, practicing gratitude, and celebrating. Celebrating is a crucial  part to gratitude, because it often creates immense joy and happiness. Take some extra time to carefully plan these events, as the act of planning itself is time spent appreciating the moment. 

Gratitude Practice:  

Starting your day off with some things you’re grateful for will always help elevate your mood and set your day right.  

There is no right or wrong way to practice gratitude. Whether you want to think things to yourself, write them down, or verbally express them, you will find that this practice can immensely lift your spirits up. Start by naming the people, material things, and experiences that you are grateful for. Then look at your surroundings and write down what you see. It might feel awkward at first, but soon your mind will be filled with all the little details in life that you realize you cannot live without. 

2 Ways to Honor Your Inner Light  

1. Write Yourself a Love Letter from Your Highest Self 

Writing is a powerful tool. Oftentimes we hold ourselves back, filtering ourselves as we put ink to the pages. Or the  opposite, we sit there never allowing ourselves to start  because “we don’t know what to say”.  

But I invite you to challenge yourself. Just sit down and write:  write whatever comes to mind and just let it flow. If you keep going, I promise, it will flow! (even if it take 1.5+ pages to activate)  

2. Move and Cleanse Your Energy with Dancing 

Dancing will forever be a great tool in life and can do so much for you, as briefly talked about above. But  dancing also helps move stagnant energy, or  energy that doesn’t serve you and needs to go.  

I invite you to intentionally smoke a little weed (or CBD) (if you’re in Oregon or Massachusetts, you can grab a BARBARI THC spliff). I recommend lighting your joint with  intention, meaning, declaring what you want to get from this  experience and what you want to use this plant medicine for.  Thank the plant for working with you. Then continue that intention with every inhale and exhale.  Breathe in a cleansing smoke that fills your body with love and light, then exhale and release all that does not serve you.  

Next,  put on whatever music you are called to (we recommend our latest playlist) and move your body! Move in whatever way your  body is called to, let it lead and release energy you didn’t know you were holding onto. Don’t worry about what it looks like or let your ego get in the way, just move.  

This Solstice, no matter what you do, how you celebrate, or how  you practice, it’s important to remember that we are dealing  with a lot astrologically at the moment (which means a lot  emotionally). We just had two Eclipses on the Full Moon and New Moon. As well as have been in Mercury Retrograde for the  past few weeks and will be just a little longer until 6/22. So be gentle with yourself, there is a lot coming up for each of us right  now and a lot of growth happening. This Summer Solstice may  feel a little different than most, but that’s okay! Just embrace it,  and remember to always follow your gut and your intuition. You were given more tools than you know to navigate this journey.

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