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At BRUNCH CLUB magazine, we have always made it our mission to elevate the voices of queer Black, Indigenous and people of color. As June rolls around again this year, we aim to continue highlighting our trans and gender-non conforming siblings, who are often overshadowed by binary celebrations of Pride in mainstream media, exploitative corporate rainbow-washing and virtue signaling without long-term commitments to expanding the safety of the most vulnerable community in the LGBTQIA+ spectrum. 2020 marked the most violent year on record for trans people in the United States, with 44 deaths reported that we know of. 2021 has already seen more than half of that number, with 26 trans and gender non-conforming people lost to violence, only halfway into this year. A majority of those fatalities affected Black trans people who continue to be at the intersection of danger despite continually being on the front lines of all social liberation movements. Our Black trans siblings deserve better. Our trans and gender non-conforming family deserve safety, affirmation, respect and celebration.

BRUNCH CLUB Magazine serves as platform of stories from trans people in our community who we consider to be the expanders of not only queer futures, but for collective humanity. Trans people defy binaries, gender constructs, perceptions and ideas of what it means to be human in modern society. Simply by living authentically, trans people face the highest rates of unemployment, suicide, violence, and discrimination in healthcare, housing, politics and society. We hope to subvert the status quo by highlighting trans people in the light they deserve: outside of tragedy and statistics, fostering environments where they can reclaim their power. Trans people are more than their suffering. They are storytellers, guides, and sacred beings who deserve our commitment to their liberation. 

This playlist we curated for Barbari is our love letter to our trans siblings. It features transgender, non-binary and gender non-conforming artists, musicians and producers exclusively. The sounds featured in this playlist are experimental, energetic, profound and impactful–reflective of the many facets of trans and GNC experiences. We curated this playlist to be listened to in order from beginning to end, to vibe out to with a spliff , to dance to, make out to, and play for others. We encourage all listeners to explore the vibrations of the music, to feel every thump, digest every lyric, and to continue supporting these trans artists by listening, sharing and learning about them all year round. Listening to these artists is just one way to begin supporting trans voices. To learn more about how you can help support trans folx year round, visit BRUNCH CLUB to read our call to action: The Future of Transgender Visibility. 

Listen, love, and pass it along. Make sure you do what you can to help trans people remember that they belong. 

Stay queer + hungry. 

Colby + V

Colby Anderson (he/him) is the founder and editor of BRUNCH CLUB Magazine, residing in Brooklyn, NYC. He is a Black queer creative director, marketing guru and sweet romantic who uses his lived experience to uplift the voices of other BIPOC queer people through careful curations of storytelling.

V Go (they/them/elle/ellx) is the co-editor of BRUNCH CLUB Magazine, residing in Mexico City. They are a Latinx transgender non-binary philosopher and community organizer focused on trans advocacy through public policy, public speaking, DEI consulting, art + media. Their work emphasizes explorations of vulnerability by utilizing thoughtful questions for conversations around dismantling gender binaries and social constructs.

Visit and follow along at @brunchclubmag