Wholesaler Spotlight: Sunnyside Dispensary

BARBARI Brand, Thoughts

As we know, or should know by now, cannabis comes with it’s own shady history , which is why it’s so important for businesses today to do what they can to create a fair and equitable industry. Our pals over at Sunnyside, a dispensary chain spanning 24 stores in 6 states have built SEED, standing for Social Equity and Education Development. Through their efforts, they are able to help expunge any past criminal records from cannabis convictions, and work to change the nation’s laws on drugs as a whole.

“Our mission for SEED™ is to develop tangible pathways into the cannabis industry for communities impacted by the War on Drugs through our three pillars: restorative justice, community business incubation, and education & workforce development.”

Besides being passionate about an equitable industry, they are big fans of Barbari! They recently invited us to join an internal company talk show they host called Between Two Buds. Think Between Two Ferns – weird, funny, and educational. Getting to see a peek inside the company culture, it’s clear they are a fun crew of humans, besides being wildly passionate and informed about all things weed. 

If you’re in the Illinois area, Sunnyside is our go-to recommendation for your weed spot. Their staff is highly informed, patient, and welcoming to cannabis consumers both new and seasoned. 

We’re excited to be a part of the Sunnyside community and to continue growing together in this cannabis space. Let’s demystify, decriminalize, and normalize nature’s most magical plant!