Tarotscopes for the Elements: May 2021

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This month, we’re moving away from that which causes us pain, grief, and strife. The 8 of Swords wants us to find ways to mitigate anxiety. Find ways to move beyond your comfort zones in a pace that feels good for you. The 5 of Wands wants us to walk away from restrictive and oppressive thoughts and behaviors. We’re checking in with our hearts to see a way forward from the ways we’ve been holding ourselves back. Embrace all aspects of your individuality, and lead with your heart. The 7 of Swords wants you to come to terms with the truth. What’s being illuminated for you? Be accountable to yourself and your healing. Let your principles guide you as you figure out how to move through the world. Make time to sit with yourself and your thoughts. How will you break free from self-limitations?

The Deck

For these tarot messages, I used the Next World Tarot. This deck was illustrated, written, and self-published by Christy C. Road, a Cuban artist from Miami, FL. The illustrations are set in a post-apocalyptic world which feels appropriate given our current state. The deck details themes of justice, resilience, accountability, and reclaimed magic. The interpretations and illustrations are anti-capitalist, anti-hierarchical, and non-gendered. This deck really beautifully illustrates how Black, brown, dis/abled, fat, queer, Trans, and gender-nonconforming folx move through and create a more compassionate, radical world.

The Spread

For this month’s tarot forecast, I’m pulling one card for each element: Earth, Air, Water, and Fire. Read the element that corresponds to your sun sign and rising sign if you feel called to. Below is the element that corresponds to your sun sign. To find out your natal chart information, CafeAstrology has a pretty comprehensive beginner’s chart interpretation. 

Earth: Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus

Air: Libra, Aquarius, Gemini

Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius 

Each tarot message also has a song associated with it. Listen to them to help tap into the work your card is asking of you.

Share this with those who come to mind as you read this.


The Elements

Air 🜁

The Sun

Song: Yellow of the Sun by Nao

What lessons can you glean from spending some blissful, tranquil time under the sun? The Sun wants you to bloom along with Spring. Your sense of child-like wonder and curiosity is coming back into the picture. Much like the sunflowers and child on the card, open yourself up to radiance, individuality, warmth, and magnetism. Let your visions and ideas grow. How do you feel when you stand in the sunlight? What comes to mind? Write everything  down, and return to it when you need a boost of inspiration. Sunlight = grow light. Let the sun unfold that which you’ve forgotten or had tucked away all Winter. Healing, rebirth, and joy are within reach, giving power to your creative wisdom. You just have to do the work to open up to it. Are you ready to open the floodgates to confidence, playfulness, and revolutionary self love?

Fire 🜂 

5 of Pentacles

Song: Confession by Budgie

This month, the 5 of Pentacles highlights the feelings of lack, scarcity, and inadequacy that are holding you back. Have you been feeling torn about moving forward? Lamenting the unknown? These feelings are natural and can provide us with a lot of insight. It’s what you do with that information that will help you figure out where to go next. Yes, the setbacks have been shitty. Think of how this has shifted your definition of success. Did you forget you’re a visionary, sweet fire sign? When you adjust your vision for the present circumstances, let yourself hope and dream. You’re setting yourself up for a more sustainable way of moving through the world. If you can see the areas that are lacking, ask yourself what and how you can fill that space . If you feel more tender than usual, let someone hold you. There is strength in vulnerability.

Water 🜄

6 of Wands

Song: Get Paid by Aluna, Jada Kingdom, & Princess Nokia

Creativity and passion are highlighted for you this month. You’ve come such a long way, you’ve worked so hard. The 6 of Wands is here to celebrate your victories. You know there’s more to be done, but if you don’t stop and appreciate your progress, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Your focus this month is taking time to pause and express gratitude (to yourself and your process). This will help you see how your work fits into the bigger picture. Acknowledge any pain that’s happened along the way, but don’t let it be your driving force. Embrace your worth and your work, then contemplate where you’ll go next. This month has great potential to help you realize your growth and desires. If this moment of success and celebration catches you off guard, use it  as a chance to incorporate more reflection, appreciation, and gratitude for all you do.

Earth 🜃


Song: Freefall by KAYTRANADA

My dear earth sign, I know you like to be in control, but this card asks you to suspend it for a moment (pun intended). Bring your focus up from the ground. Spend some time in the clouds. Clear your mind and switch up your perspective. Whether it’s a few hours or days, you’re being asked to reposition and reevaluate. If you’re feeling impulsive or clouded by indecision, look at the ways you can transform those feelings/moments into thoughtful reflection. It’s normal to feel like you don’t have all the answers. Sometimes everything comes to us in a moment of stillness, when we least expect it. Just as the artist must take care of their body after spending time in that pose, you’re being asked to do the same. Come back home to your body after spending some time in a different state.


Leo Abbott is a nonbinary Caribbean bruja whose interpretations come from a trauma-informed, queer, Caribbean Latinx, anticapitalist, non-Eurocentric perspective, weaving in astrology and numerology. Much of our struggles and hardships come from oppressive hegemonic systems/energies. Their work aims to heal the effects of these energies, all while uplifting and empowering those who are most marginalized in our communities.⁠

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