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There’s a spot in the forest just off the UC Santa Cruz campus, out of sight of the dorms, where someone dragged a picnic bench years or decades prior into a perfectly hidden clearing. We called it “The Burrow.” The Redwood boughs overhead are thick enough to provide cover when the clouds open up and dense enough to muffle shrieks of laughter and harsh coughing fits between classes. Although, good luck finding that loose shake amidst the pine needles and twigs if the wind picks up. Sometimes you’d find a new ashtray or helpful poker added to the table for communal use, or even a half a joint leftover when someone lost track of time. The sun is warmest in the early afternoon on the coast there, drawing us further out into the surrounding fields, surrounded by miles more of protected forest. Most of us didn’t have GPS on our phones yet, so sometimes we just walked for hours, exploring old mining caves and random stick forts as we discovered them, relying on one person’s phone to get us back to campus when we got too hungry. We’d find ninety-foot-tall Redwoods with ropes affixed by alumni past, carelessly dropping our shoes at the base and climbing as high as our highs would allow. 

Sometimes we’d end up at the Burrow after hours, taking a left instead of a right at the bus stop and stumbling through the darkness to our familiar table, still chanting the Andre Nickatina song we saw performed at the Catalyst earlier that night. The Burrow is where I exhaled my first blunt, learned to roll a joint, and learned not to blow into a bong mouthpiece. It’s where I first ran into an all-girl crew already established at the table one evening, making a friend who would finally get this little Oregonian on a surfboard (although I always preferred DJ-ing from the beach).

Let this playlist transport you to a West Coast—at least very Bay-inspired—version of your “back in the day,” when weed was new to you; when everything was new—when weed and a portable speaker was all you needed to have the perfect day with your friends

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Lauren Yoshiko is a Portland-based writer who runs the weekly cannabis industry newsletter, The Broccoli Report, and co-hosts Broccoli Magazine’s podcast, Broccoli Talk. She was among the first
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