Your Guide to Welcoming the Spring Equinox

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Spring is a time that is anxiously awaited by many. Usually by March, we’re all ready to get some damn sun and for the winter chill to go away! But you’re in luck, because that’s exactly what the Spring Equinox signifies. 

The Spring Equinox (aka Ostara) is one of the two holidays (sabbats) where all is balanced. Light is perfectly balanced to dark, masculine to feminine, and Yin to Yang. But after this balance, we acknowledge that the sun is starting to build its strength and warmer days are to follow. 

What is Ostara?

Ostara, more commonly known as the Spring Equinox, is one of the 8 Sabbats on the Pagan Wheel of the year. Falling on March 20th and celebrated between March 19-22 each year, this holiday is known for its abundant fertile energy and is a time of rebirth, planting seeds, and blossoming. 

The sun is awakening the Earth and us. The abundant fertile energy we have access to at this time is perfect for planting new seeds, literally and figuratively, as well as for manifesting. The abundance of fertile energy applies to your life dreams, relationships, goals, and so much more! Spring time is the perfect time to form new habits and turn over a new leaf, so don’t be afraid to tap into the universal energy that awaits you.

5 Easy Ways to Celebrate Ostara

1. Spring Cleaning
Physical items, even if an old battery in your disaster drawer (yes we all have one) holds energy and space. By clearing out unused items, cleaning your fridge, donating clothes you don’t wear and things you don’t use, you are making space for what you want to call in. Not to mention this feels SO good! When you let go of  something and clean your space, you are clearing out stagnant energy. As we leave winter, it’s a great practice to remove energy that has sat with us while we rested over the last season. 

2. Nature Walks
Getting outside is the literal breath of fresh air some of us need, and that our bodies definitely crave. Take off your socks and shoes, and plant your bare feet into the earth. With the souls of your feet firmly connected to the earth, take long, slow, even breaths in through your nose, and out through your mouth. This grounding exercise cleanses your heart and headspace, and creates a sense of peace as you welcome the spring.

3. Intention Setting
As we know, this time of year has an abundance of manifestation  energy, so be sure to use it! Try sitting down, calming your brain and setting some intentions for what you would like to move toward in your life, what your plans for this season are, and any new habits or routines you would like to start implementing in your life. Really just anything you want! Intention setting is how we plant our dreams and desires for the future. How are you keeping your soil fertile this season? How are you tending to yourself so that you are set up to succeed and thrive this upcoming season?  

ProTip: Before you smoke (whether a BARBARI spliff or maybe an herbal/THC bong rip) set an intention for your experience, like how you want to feel or what you want to focus on. You’d be surprised how much moving with intention can greatly impact your life.

4. Creating Your Altar
Altars are used often and pretty much year-round in the Pagan community, but especially during a Sabbat. Building an altar that is curated to the Sabbat being celebrated is not only fun, but it honors the holiday and Mother Nature herself.

Setting up an altar is something that is done using your intuition. There is no right or wrong way, just whatever is calling to you and whatever feels right. I personally like to use a lot of symmetry and mirroring in the altars I create (mirroring crystals, candles, pieces of nature, etc.) But whatever style it is that calls to you is the style you should use when creating your altar. Overall, it will take practice, so just keep building new ones every Sabbat and eventually you’ll have your own personal style tapped in.

For the Spring Equinox, pastel colors are primarily used along with white and gold. From pastel yellow to robin’s egg blue, pale pink, and pastel green, a spring equinox altar is bright and bountiful!

Get more inspo on spring equinox specific altar supplies below.

5. The Power Of Plants
Time to plant your garden! If you have space for a  few plants or herbs it’s time to start deciding what you want to grow.s. Most seeds should be started indoors where it’s warm and then moved out once strong enough. If you don’t have space to grow herbs, no worries! Now is also a perfect time for repotting your indoor plants, or moving them to bigger pots so they can thrive and grow just like you! There is nothing better than smoking pot while doing a little repotting, especially when the sun is out.

Balance Spell & Ritual 

Supplies Needed 

1 Pale Pink Chime Candle
1 White Chime Candle
1 Robins Egg Blue/Pastel Green Chime Candle
1 Smudge stick of choice (something floral is recommended)
1 BARBARI Spliff of Choice (recommended: Muse – Mint and Jasmine pair with the Spring Equinox)

*any other items you want to incorporate into your Altar (check the Altar supplies list below and the Crystal list for Ostara Altar inspiration)

Practice this ritual everyday for 3 consecutive days over Spring Equinox to help further your connection to Mother Nature, your highest self and to find alignment and balance.

1. Smudge/Cleanse Your Space
Set up your crystals and area that you will be performing the ritual then begin to cleanse the space. When using a smudge stick, palo santo, your herbal blend, etc., always cleanse the space going in a clockwise direction. Going in a clockwise circle is important for bringing positive energy.

2. White Light Protection

Step 1 – Envision a white light coming from above your head. Imagine that the white light is bright and sparkling, shimmering and gleaming like diamonds above your head. The light is warm like the sun, heating your body and shining on every cell in your body.

Step 2 – Envision the light staying at the crown of your head and slowly moving down your face to your neck, your shoulders and down your body.  As the light slides down your body you feel warmer and more relaxed.

Step 3 – Take deep breaths and feel the muscles in your body releasing tension. Envision the white light continuing to flow down, covering your entire body in its shimmering light.

You are covered, you are protected. Enjoy its serenity and protection. Keep this feeling, hold onto this bliss and this vision, and most importantly – know you are protected!

3. Pull a Tarot Card or Oracle Card
Do so while infusing your energy into the deck and focusing your intention towards the deck, revealing what you need most for balance during this time.

4. Get Mystical
Use this time to light up your BARBARI spliff of choice and make the ritual unique, do something for yourself that you feel is needed for balance. Maybe something that your guides hinted at. This is your time to tap into your intuition and add to the ritual in a way that is authentic to your personal journey.

5. Perform Balance Spell
If you have not lit your altar candles by this point please do so.

Repeat Out Loud: 






6. Close the Circle + Release the Elements

Once you are finished with your ritual and spells and you feel ready to close the circle and release the elements and those who guided you, say:

“North, East, South, and West, Spirit Guides and Goddesses, we thank you for your knowledge, wisdom and protection. Go if you must, stay if you will, hail and farewell.”

Then repeat:

“The circle is open but never broken, the circle is open but never broken, the circle is open but never broken.”

Then bow and thank the Elements, Guides and Spirits again before slowly coming back to.

Altar Supplies

-Budding Twigs
-Spring Water (Gather from the Spring Rain)
-Colored Ribbon
-4 Leaf Clovers
-Spring Flowers
-Spring Crystals

Spring Crystals

Rhodochrosite – This rose pink and white crystal is ruled by Venus and brings movement after a period of stagnation or doubt. Nurture your inner critic and release self doubt, this crystal asks you to open your heart to the possibility of love and friendship.

Tiger’s Eye – This gleaming crystal is a crystal of the Sun and is a great good luck charm. The stone of financial and personal benefits coming into your life and growing this is a great stone for entrepreneurs. It  can also help to refuel energy as days grow longer.

Serpentine – This green stone is great for helping you shake off your winter cloak and transform into the fullness of your authentic self. The stone of personal transformation and transition, Serpentine is a great stone to use when starting new habits and unleashing your authentic self.

Moss Agate – Is a grounding stone and one that promotes abundance, wealth and prosperity. While this stone is not as intense as others, it’s properties are slow building and effective. Green Moss Agate also promotes growth of new plants and can be beneficial to your garden and indoor plants.

Green Aventurine – Known as the ‘Manifestor Stone’, Green Aventurine is the stone of new growth, wealth, prosperity, and is said to be one of the luckiest stones. This stone helps boost feelings of gratitude and optimism and is one that should be used year round, let’s be honest! 

Clear Quartz – The ultimate crystal and one that is is quite literally all-purpose, Clear Quartz is an amplifier and amplifies energy and intention. It is one of the most commonly used crystals and is known for its ability to protect against and cleanse negative energies.

Selenite – Another important crystal and one that should be in everyone’s crystal toolkit, Selenite reduces fears of rejection and can help cleanse your energy, charge your crystals, and even connect you with the Angelic realm. Selenite cleanses the aura and can be used to enhance your psychic abilities.

No matter how you celebrate Spring Equinox, whether you keep it simple and small or go all out and really get into it, we are all able to tap into the Universal Creative Energy that is available right now, so challenge yourself to test the waters and maybe even dive in.

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