April Tarotscopes

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This month’s tarotscopes build on last month’s. In March, we inquired about seeds to be sown in the Spring. This month, you’re tending to that garden. How are you gonna do that? What energy should you be putting into it?

FINE TUNES: 420 Nostalgia

BARBARI Fine Tunes, Playlists, Thoughts

Let this playlist transport you to a West Coast—at least very Bay-inspired—version of your “back in the day,” when weed was new to you; when everything was new—when weed and a portable speaker was all you needed to have the perfect day with your friends.

Your Guide to Welcoming the Spring Equinox

BARBARI Mindfulness, Thoughts

The Spring Equinox (aka Ostara) is one of the two holidays (sabbats) where all is balanced. Light is perfectly balanced to dark, masculine to feminine and Yin to Yang. But after this balance, we acknowledge that the sun is starting to build its strength and warmer days are to follow.