FINE TUNES: Every Womxn

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Happy March, Fam! Confession: March is my favorite month. Not only is it this little Pisces birthday month, but the rest of the world joins us in our admiration and appreciation of the magic that is Womxn. To celebrate Womxn’s History Month, this month’s Fine Tunes Mix is our tribute to the mothers of music, our sisters of soul, lyrical legends of the past, and present. From Diana Ross to Dolly Parton, Joplin to Jackson, Beyonce to Britney, we’ve covered the modern diaspora of the female singers and songwriters that have shaped our collective sound over the last 50 years. These are the womxn we sing in the shower, who mended our broken hearts, partied all night to, fooled around to, road-tripped to – all of them forever in the backgrounds of our lives, nestled deep within our cellular synapses giving us jolts of that sweet, sweet dopamine. The good shit. 

This mix was spun while enjoying a hand-rolled spliff of a friend’s homegrown, unknown strain, and Muse Herbal Blend. Music and a muse rollie is a direct ticket to my happy place, so all aboard! I’ve got the beats all queued up. Light up, push play and enjoy the ride. 

Much love,


Barbari Co-Founder

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