FINE TUNES: Love on Lockdown

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A Playlist Curated by You, TRL Style

Feeling nostalgic for the old days of TRL, we wanted to bring it back with this month’s Fine Tunes Mix. We know all you music heads in Barbari World have the best taste in music, so we’ve tapped you to create this month’s mix. We’ve asked you all to submit a song (or two, or three) that reflects what this month of lovveee means to you. Does love mean indulging in all your guilty pleasures at once? Having a big-a** zoom party with all your friends? Maybe love is your significant other placing a big warm mug of tea on your desk without having asked them to. For others, it could be choosing YOU after years of putting others first. Love, to us, takes no one shape. We feel that tingle in our bellies when we look at our furry friends, when “mom” pops up on our ringing phones, and when we find a quiet moment to lift our souls with a little help from our favorite green friend. Whatever it means to you, love is still love, and we’ve combined your feelings into one playlist in hopes of bringing us all together, virtually. Enjoy our TRL Playlist curated by YOU!

Playlist Pairing:

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