February Tarotscopes: Elements

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Happy Aquarius season! This month, we’re continuing to build our lives and strengthen our bonds so that we can sustain our world and those who are a part of it. As winter is in its final stretch, we’re being asked to move on and find some sort of closure with the hardships we’ve faced. Mourn old selves or beliefs if you need to. What awaits this Spring is what you’ve been manifesting and more. Use the time that Mercury is in retrograde to complete any necessary transformations or wrapping up of cycles. This work might be painful or difficult, but it will open you up to the gifts that await. If it’s helpful, journal or write down any reflections and  realizations that arise from you as we near the end of Winter. Write a letter to your future self. What seeds do you wish to plant in the new season? Be sure to rest and recuperate your energy this month. Once things are set in motion your attention and dedication will be required. Feed, soothe, and care for your vessel and spirit. Stay rested so you can stay ready.

The Deck

For these tarot messages, I used the Neo Tarot deck. Illustrated by Daiana Ruiz, its accompanying book was written by Jerico Mandybur. Daiana Ruiz is a visual artist and illustrator based out of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Jerico Mandybur is a tarot reader, spiritual coach, and bestselling author. Neo Tarot fuzes illustrations of androgynous humans with card interpretations, affirmations, and self-care tips corresponding to their respective cards.

The Spread

For this month’s tarot forecast, I’m pulling one card for each element: Earth, Air, Water, and Fire. Read the element that corresponds to your sun sign, and rising sign if you feel called to. Below is the element that corresponds to your sun sign. To find out your natal chart information, CafeAstrology has a pretty comprehensive chart interpretation.

Earth: Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus

Air: Libra, Aquarius, Gemini,

Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagitarrius 

Each card interpretation also lists the numerological energy of the card and ways to channel the energy of the card. For cards that are double digits, you add to get a single digit. For example, card #13 has #4 vibrations (1+3=4). 

Hold onto that which resonates. Share this with those who come to mind as you read this.

The Elements

Air 🜁

The Lovers 

#6 Vibrations: beauty, cooperation, comfort

This month, whether the focus is on your relationship with yourself or those closest to you, embrace intimacy and vulnerability. Choose to witness and cherish yourself. Turn to those you’re most intimate with and let them shower you with love and appreciation. See yourself how they see you. You might find yourself exploring ways to bring more harmony and balance into your life. What and who are you surrounding yourself with to make that happen? Commit to the foundation and longevity of your closest relationships, to those who make you feel good. Commit to yourself by doing any necessary internal work and open up space for the blessings that await. Do what feels good and principled for you. Mercury retrograde may provide you with insight on how to step into your power, into a way of living that you’ve always wanted. This rings particularly true with the appearance of The Lovers card. You are supported.

Water 🜄

8 of Wands 

#8 Vibrations: movement, re-evaluation, prioritizing

Water signs are busy this month! Y’all are going for and getting what you want. The 8 of Wands brings a hardworking, enthusiastic energy. Your projects are nearing completion and you’re almost ready to put them out into the world. With all this progress being made, rest is highlighted. You don’t want to burn yourself out, especially since enthusiasm and passion are on 10. Mercury asks you to slow down and make sure you have everything prepped, so make sure to have a plan in place. With the fast moving energy of the 8 of Wands and Mercury slowed down, you really want to make sure you’re double checking everything before you send it out. Pay attention to what needs revision, but don’t get caught up in small details. Your work and efforts are tremendously supported this month. Balance out your time so you can return to your work rested and regenerated in order to keep moving forward. Work hard, play hard.

Earth 🜃

The Sun

#19 Vibrations: endings/beginnings, completion

The Sun is shining down on you, sweet Earth sign! A new day dawns, filled with blessings, abundance, achievement, joy, and success. Mercury retrograde will give y’all a chance to let go of and mourn all that does not serve you, specifically as it pertains to outdated ways of talking to and relating to yourself. It will be a time of deep transformation; let your feels flow. You are on the verge of a rebirth of self. You’re that much closer to being aligned and attuned with your true self. This self work is difficult, but the rewards and expansion await. Use this last stretch of winter to lay dormant old parts of self. Begin to imagine what the renewal will look and feel like. The Sun rises and encourages you to step into your power, into a more authentic you. Celebrate how far you’ve come, and let the sun light your path ahead.

Fire 🜂

2 of Wands

#2 Vibrations: balance, choices, insight

What do you want your world/life to look like? The 2 of Wands comes in to direct fire signs this month. With your passions and emotions highlighted, February is all about planning, exploring options, and setting goals. Are you considering moving, changing jobs, or any major lifestyle changes? You’re supported, but you’re being asked to plan and explore your options. The choices you make now will greatly influence how things unfold these next few months. Choose boldly and wisely. Reflect on where you’ve come from and where you’re going,  then use these insights to influence how you build and structure your life at this time. All this envisioning and planning will wear you out if you’re not taking the time to rest. Make sure you’re allowing yourself to dream. Rest is crucial to receive messages and insights, to restore and maintain balance. Quiet the noise when needed. Meditation and stillness are required for you to move forward.

Leo Abbott is a nonbinary Caribbean bruja whose interpretations come from a trauma-informed, queer, Caribbean Latinx, anticapitalist, non-Eurocentric perspective, weaving in astrology and numerology. Much of our struggles and hardships come from oppressive hegemonic systems/energies. Their work aims to heal the effects of these energies, all while uplifting and empowering those who are most marginalized in our communities.⁠

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