Omura x BARBARI: A New Way to Get Lifted

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There’s a love triangle between smoking weed, wanting to keep your room odor free, but also wanting to smoke in the comfort of your bedsheets. It’s getting cold outside, and the lot of us would rather keep the chilling breeze out rather than inviting it into the room as we smoke out our windows. We wanted to make BARBARI products accessible to all types of consumers and are excited to partner with Omura for their convenient, easy to use, Heat-not-Burn technology. We’ve remastered our beloved Airplane Mode preroll, upped the CBD notch to 10% (less than .3% THC per stick), and packaged them into a convenient mini 12-pack. These CBD Flower Sticks made for the Omura device, feature all organically grown hemp, rose, blue lotus, and lavender. Now you can smoke inside and heat, not burn, your herb, creating minimal vapor and no lingering odor with the Omura Starter Pack.

What is Omura?

Omura’s Heat-not-burn technology delivers the enjoyment of a full flower experience with minimal vapor. A full terpene taste profile with no burning, charring, smoke, or ash. When used with our blend of aromatic botanicals, Omura unlocks a fuller flavor and effect profile, allowing you to experience the flowers in all their glory.

How does it work?

The Omura device is enjoyed in three simple steps:

1. Place the Airplane Mode Flower Stick in the Heat-not-Burn Device
2. Press the button for two seconds to turn on, release the button when the device vibrates.
3. Allow the device to warm up, indicated by pulsing LEDs (about 30 seconds). The device is ready once all three LEDs are lit and the device vibrates again.

Why Airplane Mode?

One of our most popular blends, Airplane Mode was carefully formulated to deliver an overall calmness and relaxation to your body and spirit. The combination of rose, lavender and blue lotus, blended with CBD-rich hemp flower helps to transition you into a dreamy, chilled state. Aside from producing that sweet floral scent, rose is also known to contribute antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial benefits. Lavender contains another terpene commonly found in hemp and cannabis–linalool which has been shown to activate stress-reducing hormones within our central nervous system. And blue lotus is a natural mild sedative traditionally used as a sleep aid.

Now, Inhale and Enoy.

Love the sensation of smoking, but perhaps not the smell? Not motivated to get up and snatch an ashtray while you light up in bed? Secretly want a hit whilst in an endless Zoom call? We have all been there. All you need is three minutes to smoke one flower stick. Tell your boss the plants need watering and go charge up on some flower power. The Omura starter pack let’s you have 12 sessions of uninterrupted, peaceful smoke breaks. You’ll feel all the effects, but leave no lingering evidence behind.