GIFT GOOD: Our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

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As this historic year comes to a close, we’ve been meditating on the bright spots that have gotten us through the roller coaster of 2020.  Through the stress, the periods, the acne, all heightened by the events of 2020, we kept an illusion of control using the brands below in our day to day routines. And so we reached out to them, our incredible community of womxn and BIPOC owned brands to find out what has made them shine in 2020. Whether you want to treat yourself or gift someone some much needed self care goodies, these are the products that kept us afloat and made the list for BARBARI’s 2020 Holiday Gift Guide!

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Get Frigg – Beauty Rest Tea


Notice how poor sleep can lead to dull skin? This calming brew aids you in getting the rest you need to rejuvenate mind and the body. Frigg’s formula of nervine herbs (herbs that support the nervous system) calms the mind while also providing an antioxidant punch. And since we love a bit of multi-purpose magic, you can also use the tea as a rinse that can help fortify your scalp. 

“2020 – was the year of New Beginnings – New Business, New Relationships, New Hobbies, and uh a New Therapist! Yay! Overall, for a shit year, I have lots of personal transformations and finally cleared all my junk and replaced it with the new stuff. And by junk I mean toxic people, jobs, and relationships, and toxic inner thoughts. That said come on 2021 I am ready.”

– Kimberly Dillon, Founder & CEO

Xula Herbs – Mhm! (Moon + Mood)


Connect to the magic of your moon cycle by staying balanced all month long. This unique blend of herbs helps you feel more comfortable in your own skin as your moon approaches.

“Getting through 2020, election anxiety, a pandemic, and racial unrest as an emerging brand. We’re incredibly fortunate to be here in the cannabis space—especially as others in our community are struggling to survive this year. For this we’re grateful and see the bright spot ahead.”

-Mennlay Golokeh Aggrey, Co-Founder + Creative Director

Shop Allume – Botanic Reversible Robe


A belted reversible robe for stylish chillage. One side features a warm green tone perfect for a minimalist look, while the other – a botanical kaleidoscope print – makes a statement

“Through all the wackiness of 2020, the brightest spot was the encouragement from the Allume community. There’s been a huge wave of support for small businesses, which I’m forever grateful for. Community is everything!”

-Camille Chacra, Founder & Creative Director

Rosebud – CBD Bath Soak Set


Unwind, Awaken and Mend your body, mind and soul with Rosebud’s Bath Soak Set. This set includes 3 bath soaks, 1 of each 50mg full spectrum CBD bath soaks, composed of magnesium rich Epsom salts and a soothing and uplifting blend of essential oils.

“Buying a camper and sharing some really great quality time with my husband out in the woods on the east coast”

-Alexis Rosenbaum, Founder & CEO

Stonedware – Purse Pipe


Purse Pipes, for stylish smoking on-the-go. These little pipes pack a punch with up to 5 hits and a sleek design. Stonedware pipes deliver a powerfully smooth smoking experience, feel great in your hands, and look chic in your home. Designed with love to make all your pipe dreams come true.

“Turning a series of unfortunate personal events into an opportunity to change my life by signing a year lease at the Oregon coast! Excited to wake up everyday to the sound of the ocean.”

-Ariel Zimman, Owner & Designer

LoveisWise – Summer Gal Earrings


These fun statement earrings are approximately 2 inches in length & 1.5 inches at its widest point. Made with pink & dark blue hard enamel and black nickel plated.

“A bright spot of this year for me was being able to take time to liberate myself, prioritize healing, and rest!”

-Loveis Wise, CEO & Artist

Barbari CBD Herbal Spliffs

from $10

Barbari CBD Herbal Spliffs are a mix of our effect based smokable herbal blends with a low dose of organically grown high-CBD hemp flower. They’re flavorful and aromatic: your everyday smoke-break essential. Available in 2-pack and 5-pack options, these make for the perfect white elephant gift that you might be stealing for yourself. 

“Gaining not one, but two office dogs has made the days all the brighter. You can really get through anything with puppy kisses and snuggles.” 

– Valarie Sakota & Meryl Montgomery, Barbari Cofounders