FINE TUNES: Fire & Light

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“Do everything calmly”, I tell myself each time the anxiety from this year speeds up my heart rate at any given moment. It’s the end of 2020, folx, and although it’s been a trying year, we’ve made it to the end. However this year may have affected you, give yourself a huge hug for making it through to 2021, and a hug for all those who didn’t. 

This playlist is for the calm soul, and the fiery soul that seeks a cooler balance. It should evoke the sweetness of peace that comes after a bitter hardship. Let Jhene Aiko’s kind voice sing to your wounds. Feel your insides vibrate to Giveon’s deep baritone. With some happy songs and others saturated with grief, this Fire & Light playlist is my heart’s recounting of the razors and roses she waded through the last twelve months. It’s the sounds of my soul. Every experience has shaped us into the artwork that we are now.

Like many people, anxiety took over my whole existence this year as I stumbled through job loss, job gain, job loss again, family strain, financial strain, and the end of a six year romantic relationship. However, the one thing no person and no pandemic can take from me is how I respond to these situations. By now I have learned that the negative happenings of 2020 are not personal. This year was out of our control, so I’ve released any resentment I held toward it. Despite all the stress, it brought a lot of joy as well. By focusing on the abundance of this year, I understand now that the “Universe must want me to win” (first song😉) . So while some of us may be eager to start a new year, let’s take this final moment to acknowledge the learnings and gains of 2020, and as Beyonce instructs, peacefully put a lid on the box and store it to the left.

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About the author:
Bianca has been working with BARBARI for a little over a year now as our Social Media Manager. She started her own remote work life already in 2019, with the intention to perpetually travel and taste all of life’s offerings. If it weren’t for the pandemic, she would be drinking coffee on a cliff in Croatia right now. But alas, that’s not how this year went. So instead she drinks wine at her desk, writing for her blog and keeping her youtube channel active.