It’s a Barbari Birthday

BARBARI Brand, Thoughts

It’s that time of year where we personify our business and celebrate her birth because that’s what proud mothers do. One year ago, we launched the Muse CBD Herbal Spliff, our first preroll baby. Today, our preroll line has expanded to all our Herbal Blend varieties plus 100% hemp. Oh, and not to forget launching our THC Herbal Spliff in Oregon and Massachusetts. 

Not only has our brand grown, but so have we. This year has physically aged us, broken our hearts, pushed our mental health to its edge (or beyond at times). But it’s also forced us to become our best because we faced the worst. Time and time again this year, we were faced with the opportunity to lead with our values and convictions and show up for our communities. Now here we are, in the home stretch of an unbelievable and historic year feeling stronger and completely inspired by the endurance of our customers, our community, our family and friends.

And we’re just getting started, folx! We have a lot of exciting projects in the pipeline that we can’t wait to share – more on that later. 

This was a big year for us, fam, and we’re ready to get a little loosey-goosey. To celebrate, we’re running a surprise birthday sale. Get 20% off your entire purchase with checkout code ITSAPARTY. We can’t have a real party, so this will have to do for now! 

So much love, 

Valarie & Meryl, Barbari founders