3 Great Botanicals For Stressful Times

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Over recent years, researchers have conducted several studies and surveys on alternative treatment methods driving the plants over pills movement. Whether it is anxiousness, chronic pain, or causal nervousness, plant medicine is some of our earliest forms of remedies for these common ailments. We’ve pulled together some of the most common herbs that have been used through the ages to combat today’s many stressors.

Our first love in the smokeable herb family. Not only is this the most familiar of smokable herbs for its medicinal use, but cannabis also has a historical significance. One of the studies conducted by the University of Illinois at Chicago and the University of Chicago Drug and published in the journal of Alcohol Dependence states that only low-THC doses can alleviate the symptoms that lead to stress, anxiety, and chronic pain. CBD has become a much-debated topic in medicine until recently as scientists and researchers are exploring its potent characteristics. When choosing your cannabis, ask for strains that are focused on calming, relaxing effects. Avoid high THC strains as they can cause the mind race. We recommend strains with a THC:CBD ratio to balance out our moods. Strain availability and personal preferences vary, but sticking ratios close to the 1:1 is a great place to start.

People have been consuming lavender for centuries as a natural healer for nervousness and anxiety. Linalool, the dominant terpene in lavender has been shown to activate stress-reducing hormones within our central nervous system. One interesting study shows that inhaling these terpenes generally has an enhanced effect and can directly hit the central nervous system. It acts like a sedative that interacts with brain centers to regulate emotions. Lavender also helps in reducing cortisol levels, which is responsible for producing stress.

One clinical trial conducted in 2016 investigated the safety and efficacy of chamomile as a treatment for GAD (generalized anxiety disorder). The results showed that the participants who continued consuming chamomile for extended weeks showed reduced stress symptoms compared to the rest of the test subjects. Chamomile is often consumed to relieve anxiety and stress in the form of extracts, tea, or topicals.

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