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Like every holiday this year (sans for maybe Valentine’s Day), we expect this holiday season to look a little different. For this month’s Fine Tunes playlist, we’re hosting an emotional potluck, and you are all invited. We ask ourselves a simple question: what can we bring to the table this month? Whether it’s lending an ear to a friend in need, showing up in revolution, or a fresh breath of forgiveness for ourselves and others, there’s something special within each of us that we have to offer each other. 

This month, as we use our imaginations to picture ourselves surrounded by family and friends we haven’t seen in months, gathered around a cornucopia of food, laughter, stories. This is the soundtrack to the big, fat, Friendsgiving dinner party of our imaginations. Introducing our Potluck playlist, an homage to the musical hodge-podge. An eclectic mix that spans time and genres. Our longest playlist yet with 25 songs, just like any potluck, this mix has something for everyone.

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