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Anyone else feeling overwhelmed with content options? For those that prefer the “staff picks” sections of any book or record store, we’ve put together a list of some recent podcasts, playlists, and entertainment that has been making our days just a little brighter.

1. How To Do The Pot – episode #27 on Mindful Consumption 

Barbari co-founders sat down with the one and only April Pride to share 5 steps to be more mindful of your weed consumption.

2. Amplify You Chill

Geraldine Mae Cueva, resident Chillanthropist delivers us a 5-episode series which interviews business owners and entrepreneurs (including Barbari’s own Meryl Montgomery) on New York’s influence in their own hustle n’ grind mentality. Best of all, you don’t have to wait for episodes to drop. All 5 episodes are live NOW for your binging pleasure.

Listen on:


Perhaps it’s the 2 full moons, but the energy of this month has us feeling extra introspective. This month’s Masked playlist is perfect for those moments when you need to sit by yourself and let your mind sort out what’s real and what is just smoke and mirrors.

2. Pure Beauty Soundsystem

We low key obsess over mixtapes. The more obscure, funky, and global they are, the better. Luckily, we have friends like our pals at Pure Beauty who are perhaps more obsessed than us and have curated a mixtape of solid gold funk.

LaurenXElle is back with the Autumn issue of L0ASIS, a digital publication which highlights & supports Black brands, businesses, creatives & entrepreneurs. This has become our tastemakers’ bible with playlists, videos, and stories of icons in the making.

Breaking and re-imaging existing global systems can be daunting. Thankfully, Harvard smarty-pants Rebecca Henderson explains and examines how companies old and new are breaking all the rules of capitalism while both growing successful businesses and solving some of our world’s biggest challenges in her perfectly titled book, Reimagining Capitalism In A World On Fire.