From Dreams To Dispensaries

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Let’s time travel for a spell – wind back the clock four years to August of 2016. The air is hot and sticky, but the drinks are chilled and strong. Two old friends sit knee to knee across a splintered picnic table and swap stories of arrogant bosses, friends, great loves, family, and dreams. 

Dreams – the roadmap to the inner self and navigation for our imagination. Where would we be without our dreams? The dream currently on the table is that of Valarie Sakota. “I’ve actually been concepting a product and brand idea” she began. “A low-dose spliff mixed with different flavorful herbs and botanicals.” 

Photos by Will Malzahn

From there the conversation grew like Jack’s magic bean stock, becoming bigger than the two of them would realize. Energized by collaboration, they came together to build on that vision. Their dream brand – a collective really – a culmination of misfits, misunderstood, and under-represented. All that share the common belief that cannabis can motivate and inspire us and create a place for those that challenge generally accepted standards and beliefs. A home for non-conformists, artists, entrepreneurs, disruptors, lovers, and fellow dreamers that strive for happy and productive lifestyles. Most of all, cannabis is a vehicle for social and radical change.

Photo by General Qu

“From day one, the north star we were working towards was a low-dose THC Spliff for dispensaries. As first-time entrepreneurs, bootstrapping our way through building a company during our evenings and weekends while working full-time jobs, we soon realized that simply “breaking into the weed industry” was not as easy as it looked. It took us two and a half years of working towards this goal to finally launch the product that was the seed of everything Barbari is today. To say this is a milestone for us would be an understatement and we are thrilled to finally share it with you.”

– Valarie Sakota, Co-founder


Introducing the Barbari THC Herbal Spliff 

Vibe: Uplift, invigorate, create

Photo by General Qu

A wink of uplifting cannabis blended with a smooth bouquet of raspberry leaf, sage, peppermint, and jasmine flowers. 

Each spliff is mindfully dosed so you can build your buzz throughout the day and night.

Individually dosed, these Spliffs open up a world where you can sesh with a friend without sharing germs. 

Perfect for smoke breaks, focused work, creative inspiration.  

Now available in Oregon dispensaries!

Photo by General Qu

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