Fine Tunes: Summer In Berlin

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Curated by Geraldine Mae of Art & Times of Chill

Geraldine Mae Cueva, founder of Art & Times Of Chill and all-around high functioning (🥁) cannabis professional has mastered the art of a freelance lifestyle. She revels in a slow start to the morning followed by a workout to get the blood flowing before breakfast. She walks through the workday with intentionality, incorporating cannabis and smoking herbs at certain moments to deepen her productive flow. This month we partnered with House of Puff and asked Geraldine to walk us through a day in the life of her post-COVID workday. We also asked her to hit us with a soundtrack for Leo season.

All day I daydream about a secret garden in Berlin. It’s lush with different strains of my favorite cannabis flower. There’s a bounty of plump, cherry tomatoes and tasty strawberries to snack on too. A hammock fit for two is surrounded by a jungle of plants where a cat roams around protecting the place like a security guard on night watch. A sweet man who tends to the garden waits for me there with a joint in hand. He knows what I like, blending Car Sex with his homegrown blueberry flower, ready for me to smoke upon arrival. Once I arrive, he tends to me like a Queen and we dance and make love in his secret garden. 

This compilation of Fine Tunes is the soundtrack to my wet dreams, I mean, daydreams. Erotic, romantic, and playfully all about me. I think the best daydreams are the ones rooted in reality, where you manifest with your whole spirit. Even in these trying corona times, I connect with my daydream almost daily. In times of hopelessness, this daydream reminds me to practice deep self-love where I dance in front of the mirror, repeat words of affirmation, and see myself fully, tenderly, and in love. My daydream makes me feel free, just like that time I spent a Summer in Berlin. 

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Geraldine Mae Cueva aka @ohhmygeeg (Gigi) is a Merchant turned Marketer in the cannabis industry. After more than a decade working in the fashion industry, she shifted her passion for product towards her love of plants. Her consulting platform, Art & Times of Chill, builds communities and connects brands to drive conscious commerce. She splits her time dancing between both coasts, taking naps in hammocks, and manifesting dream collaborations. She is the Host of the podcast, Amplify Your Chill, where she explores all the ways we #makechill–coming soon end of summer 2020. (PS: Barbari Co-Founder, Meryl Montgomery is a featured guest in season one! Stay tuned for more on the launch via @artandtimesofchill!)