Fine Tunes: Pride of Place

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It’s Pride month and while the pandemic has all but eliminated social gatherings and parades, there is something much more important bringing us together this month. Black Lives Matter. Black Trans Lives Matter. As we reflect on Pride, we must acknowledge that the Black Queer community was instrumental in paving the way for the LGBTQIA+ movement. Queen among them was Marsha “Pay It No Mind” Johnson, a beloved figure in the New York gay and art scene, a fundamental force behind the Stonewall Riots and cofounder of STAR (Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries). Marsha paved a path for personal expression at a time when it was even more dangerous to be Black, trans, and gay. This month we call on everyone who was prepared to glitter-up and strut the streets with unabashed out-ness to march for a far more vital purpose: the liberty, safety, and equality of all Black lives. For Black joy. For Black Pride. 

Marsh “Pay It No Mind” Johnson. Image courtesy of Netflix


This month’s playlist is presented by Earhart a platform celebrating femme, trans, & GNC music artists to celebrate Pride. Curated by Licki Ucroj, this playlist titled “Pride of Place”, exclusively features Queer artists. Pride of place means that we don’t always have to “arrive.” Sometimes the beauty is in staying, in sticking through whatever is uncomfortable without getting stuck. Now, more than ever, it’s important that we collectively sit in this moment, recognize our place in the movement, and build upon whatever position we find ourselves in.

With the release of this playlist, we donated the allocated budget to a local organization that is building the community that Marsha P. Johnson fought so hart to represent and protect. Ori Art Gallery has created a space to reclaim and redefine “the white cube” through amplifying the voices of Trans and Queer Artists of color including community organizing and mobilization through the arts. Founded by Maya Vivas & Leila Haile in Portland, Oregon. Please consider supporting their efforts through direct donations


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