3 Ways To Use Herbal Blends for Self-care

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With the majority of the workforce working remotely without the watchful eye of supervisors lurking nearby, gone are the days of grinding so hard you collapse on the couch when you get home. Despite the extreme feelings of solitude, a silver lining of this grounding that many of us remote workers are experiencing the ability to adjust one’s working style to be more suitable for self-care. Without that daily commute, suddenly mornings are more leisurely, with time to fit in a bit of exercise or maybe an elaborate breakfast before signing into your email. Maybe a family bike-ride or some light gardening during lunch hour? As many of us all over the world are forced to slow our roll and adjust to working from home,  the thought of returning to the same old chug-a-long workflow feels cruel.

I for one am learning a lot about how to be my best self amidst the flexible work-from-home days. From finding tricks for productivity like microdosing THC, to shutting down the work-brain at the end of the day so that WFH doesn’t feel like a 24hr office. I’m thankful that, for the first time in my career, I’ve got the space to tune into my state-of-being and refine my habits to support self-care through every phase of the day. Our herbal blends were designed to be versatile enough to fit into any moment, and have been particularly instrumental in my self-care process these days. Here are a few ways I’ve been using the Barbari Herbal Blends.


Whether it’s gearing up for a brainstorming session or winding down at the end of the day, herbal smoking blends can be a quick and effective way to get into the right state of mind. Similar to smoking pot, inhaling herbs like uplifting jasmine and peppermint enables their effects to be perceived almost immediately. Rolling your herbs with weed or hemp can be a more controlled experience as you can restrict your cannabinoid dosing while each herb contributes to overall the terpene profile for a flavorful smoke. 


Sometimes all we want to do is cozy up with a cup of tea and enjoy the benefits of our favorite herbs as they warm the belly. Steeping botanicals as tea is a great way to unlock the flavors and effects. While tea generally provides a slower onset, its effects can be felt for a longer period of time. If you’re looking to incorporate cannabinoids, simply add your favorite tincture or oil and sip away. My favorite way to wind down the day and prepare for sleep is with a floral cup of relaxing Airplane Mode and some CBD tincture. The lavender, rose and blue lotus are the perfect bedtime story.


The ambiance is just as important to self-care as your favorite face mask. Setting the mood for any occasion is like setting your intentions. Dimming the lights, sparking a few candles, and lighting your favorite incense is a perfect way to control the energy of your space. Incense can be ritualistic, meditative, cleansing, erotic, or simply pleasing to the nose. While there are many forms of incense from sticks to oils, setting the mood can be as simple as pinching together some fragrant dried herbs and setting them aflame (on a fire-safe surface). Try burning Car Sex, featuring cleansing white sage, for an evening candlelit yoga session to loosen up at the end of the day. 

We love the versatility of botanicals and there are many more ways to mindfully include them in your self-care rituals. Do you have a favorite go-to herb? Let us know in the comments.