Cannabis & Motherhood With High Society Mama, Bianca Snyder

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Social media creates the perception that motherhood is all bubbles and butterflies. Then you actually become a mother and learn every stage can be REALLY fucking hard. There is no instruction manual and no amount of mommy blogs that will give you all the answers. But, there is a plant that I have found to assist with the craziness – cannabis. As a cannabis advocate and mother, I get asked a lot of questions. So for all of you curious about cannabis and motherhood, and not sure who to talk to, this is for you:

Can I Consume Cannabis While Pregnant or Breastfeeding? 

Motherhood comes with countless hours of research to make the best decisions possible for our kids, opening your eyes to the quality and ingredients of products out there.  Cannabis is a great teacher for many people to experience the healing power of plants in a safe and controlled way. When we realize that cannabis has the power to heal as it works with our Endocannabinoid System to benefit our body and mind, then we can start to see how there is an entire arsenal of plants with healing powers that we can utilize. While I wear the Cannamom badge with much pride, I consider myself more of an “Earth Mama”. I choose products for myself and my family that are as close to the natural plant form as possible.  Starting with getting pregnant and then breastfeeding for three years, I paid close attention to what I was consuming to grow the healthiest baby I could both in my belly and through my breastmilk. We’re beginning to see studies that babies retain about 2.5% or less of whatever dose mom consumes through breastfeeding. There’s an astounding amount of research that points to moms with less stress make more milk. So if CBD helps you to relax, which in turn enables you to better provide for your child, then I see this as being a good parent. I experienced tremendous benefits from CBD during my postpartum time, as well as using herbs to improve my milk supply. This was the inspiration for my Mama’s Abundance tea, to combine herbs that support breastfeeding milk supply, strengthen the uterus and CBD from our Society’s Plant hemp.  

How Do I Talk To Children About Weed? 

The question of how to talk to our kids about cannabis comes up frequently for me. I find that being open with them about the plant, creates the best context for them to understand its place. When we hide it from them, we are illuminating that there is something wrong with it.  Kids will pick up exactly what you are putting down. Depending on their age, they might not fully understand what cannabis does or that THC has psychoactive properties, but they CAN get that it is just a plant that is used as a medicine.  In our house, we use the words: hemp and cannabis interchangeably.  Our four-year-old son knows a good amount about hemp as he sees it frequently both outside on the farm, and inside when we consume. He knows that adults can smoke it, but it is not for kids. Most importantly, he sees that we celebrate the plant for its benefits and he does not see it in any negative light.  That is the future that I am creating for cannabis and I am doing so by making sure my children see the plant for all of its magnificence.   

Could Cannabis Be A Mom Hack?

Moms that use cannabis is not currently the norm, yet! Mom hacks spread fast in this day and age, as we are all trying our damndest to not only survive but also thrive. Cannabis is a mom hack I stand behind for many reasons, but similar to caffeine or alcohol, figuring out how to use it as a tool in your toolbox and the balance that works for you. From the calming effects of smoking CBD hemp flower to mixing THC and CBD to find the right ratios to unwind or give me that mood shift to mom-up and keep being the cool, collected role model I want to be for my child, cannabis has continued to pull through all the challenges that come with being a mother. I really believe that smokable CBD hemp flower is the golden key to opening the door to the cannabis kingdom for many mothers. Once they get a taste for the calm to ease the shit storm of motherhood, then dabbling a little farther into the realm of THC is not quite as scary. Smoking is also the fastest effect time and most controllable way to experience the benefits of CBD or THC. Only time shall tell, but, I think we are at the beginning of the rise in CannaMoms!

Bianca Snyder is a mother, yoga & movement fanatic, and natural wellness advocate. She founded High Society Mama to provide a sophisticated experience of motherhood with an inspirational side of cannabis. She also runs a CBD hemp brand Society’s Plant which uses artisanal hemp flower from their family-run hemp farm in southwest Michigan.