Weed For Productivity: How To Microdose

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Interested in microdosing THC to help with productivity? Working from home can be a great opportunity to test this ritual in a comfortable environment. Whether you’re a seasoned consumer or are new to the game, if you’ve never used cannabis to help with the workday, here are a few pointers to get you started. 


PUFF: Start with a light puff from a vape, light up a little flower, or enjoy an herbal spliff with your morning coffee, and then put it down. Smoking is the quickest way to feel the effects of THC and also the quickest to fade. We prefer this method for small sprints of productivity or a quick injection of inspiration.  

NIBBLE AN EDIBLE: Cut your edible in half and then cut that in half again and enjoy.. A drop of THC tincture in your tea or under the tongue is another great method to achieve the slow-steady buzz of an edible experience. Consuming 2-3 mg of THC will take longer to activate than smoking, but it provides a gradual and more prolonged buzz. This is our go-to method for a full work-day of productivity. 

Whether with a cup of coffee or a little caffeinated tea, caffeine will help channel the THC buzz with a bit of energy. Even better, drop a spoonful of coconut oil into your infused coffee. Coconut oil is a three-chain fatty acid so the liver processes it into energy instead of its being stored as fat, which helps to deliver the caffeine into our system at a more consistent rate throughout the day rather than a caffeine spike and drop.  

It’s always a good idea to have a little food in your stomach to help sustain your energy levels and kick-start your metabolism. According to this study, consuming THC on an empty stomach results in a faster activation of the effects, however, your body absorbs less of the THC. When consumed with a light meal, digestion kicks in and the gallbladder begins to release bile acid to break down the food, which also acts to solubilize the THC, therefore slowing absorption while also making it more bioavailable.


If this is your first go at micro-dosing for productivity, choose a day where you don’t have any big meetings or presentations. Make yourself a task-list to guide your workflow but make sure you’ve got a little room to chill out if you find yourself distracted or too high. If you choose to consume an edible, use the first 45 minutes that you’re waiting for it to kick in to catch up on emails and outline your productivity goals. 

Once you start to feel a little buzz, take a moment to do some light stretching–touch your toes and relax your shoulders. Put your go-to focus playlist, grab a warm beverage, and dive into project mode. 

If you accidentally get too high, don’t sweat it. Get yourself back on track with some lemon water, take a 10-minute walk and drop some CBD oil in your next cup of tea. Splash of cold water on your face and neck can help snap you back into focus. 


Record your dosing ritual so that you can recreate it, or adjust accordingly, next time. Be sure to track time of day, dosing method and quantity, food consumed, and an overview of how you felt. If smoking, be sure to record what strain you smoked and the farm that grew your bud.