Weed Church

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What happens when you get 25 womxn, mostly who work in the cannabis industry, to clean out their stash drawers and bring what they find to a little after-work weed mixer? You get what our friend, Lauren dubbed as “weed church.” 

If you like to smoke flower, then you know all about those bits of old weed that accumulates in the back of your stash drawer/shelf/stack of books? The remnants of your last stash that’s too much to throw away, but also not your first choice when smoking since it’s old and sad. Well, working in the wonderful world of cannabis, we have an abundance of this old weed. Between product testing, samples from events, the weed that friends grow, to the personal stash we buy, we had accumulated a lot of bud that sat, and sat, and did not get smoked in 2019. And we weren’t the only ones. So, one Wednesday in January, we invited some friends to come to our HQ and to zhuzh (it’s totally a word) up their own stash of old weed with our fresh Herbal Blends. The added terpenes, flavors, and smooth smoking botanicals can brighten up that stale weed to bring it new life. Together we rolled enough herbal spliffs to smoke throughout the night, and enough to take some home and share with friends who couldn’t make it. 


Like A LOT. They create companies, culture, life, and I’m just going to say it. Magic. Womxn make fucking magic. Womxn also enjoy weed. My guess is if you’re reading this, you probably enjoy weed too. Based in Portland, Oregon, we’re lucky enough to be surrounded by an abundance of brilliant womxn in cannabis. April Pride, the host of How To Do The Pot, dropped in and captured some stories from some of the industry leaders, culture contributors, and tastemakers in Oregon, asking what their favorite way of doing “the pot” is. 


We invited The Family Preservation Project to our event and asked them to share with the group about their incredible work. FPP creates programs and support systems for mothers incarcerated in Coffee Creek to maintain strong bonds with their children and post-incarceration success. Both Barbari co-founders have had family members in and out of Coffee Creek Womxn’s Correctional Facility, and we wanted to share their work with our friends and family to raise awareness and funds for their incredible work. If you’re interested in learning more, they created a short documentary that gives a first-hand account of the impact incarceration has on both mothers and children, which can be viewed HERE.

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