Womxn of the Week

BARBARI Thoughts

Curated by Nora Rothman

At a time when streams are everything, as listeners, we can uplift the causes we care about by listening to the voices of their champions. Womxn of the Week brings you fresh music from exclusively femme-identifying and gender nonconforming artists. It spans all genres, and places a special emphasis on undiscovered indie artists.

The success of a song has become all about whether it gets play-listed on Spotify. Play-listing leads to discovery from labels and managers. Having your song streamed side-by-side with big artists will make you more likely to pop up in Spotify Radio or Recommended For You algorithms. This playlist is a cross-genre mix of womxn artists, the behemoths and the rising stars, to lift up the undiscovered artists who need and deserve it the most. 

Portrait of Nora Rothman by Emily Knecht

Get a moody bounce in your step to the luscious beats of trans composer, producer, singer and DJ Ah-Mer-Ah-Su. Shake off this morning’s latest Twitter rants to gender rights activist/musician Madame Gandhi’s new remix. And be sure to follow and share the list for new updates every week!

Nora Rothman is a LA born musician who recently traded the year-round summer in Cali for the luscious fog and mist of Seattle. Her EP has taken off in the last few months with a sold out show at the Rockwood Music Hall in New York City and a feature in TeenVogue. Nora is a feminist and activist and has worked at the grassroots level of politics for the last few years.

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